A project to amplify young, working-class people’s voices through free training, mentoring and paid publication. Now, we’re opening Amplify up to chronically ill and disabled people of all ages, too.

We are excited and proud to say that this is the second round of the Amplify programme: our first 13 participants all completed the programme on 13 March 2022. We’re beginning to publish their work now, which you can find here


The team at The Canary will provide free online training and mentoring in journalism and media. All workshops and meetings will be via Zoom. Each participant will be supported to produce one piece of work which will then be published on our website and promoted across social media.


Sunday 3 April 2022 – 5pm: deadline for second round applications

Monday 4 April – successful applicants will be notified.

Sunday 10 April – 4-6pm: meet and greet your co-participants and mentors.

Monday 11 April – 7-9pm: introduction to the Amplify programme.

Wednesday 13 April – 7-8:30pm: first workshop. Workshops will then continue every Wednesday up to, and including, 8 June.

Weekly meetings with mentors: times and days TBC at project launch.

Fortnightly project sharing meetings with all participants: times and days TBC at project launch.

Deadline for first drafts of work to be submitted: Sunday 15 May.

Sunday 12 June – 4pm: project closing celebration event. 

We estimate the time commitment across the two months to be around 36 hours in total (roughly three hours a week on average, with some weeks being up to five hours). This is dependent on the type of work the participant undertakes – for example, video content may take more time to produce. Participants will be given weekly targets to meet in terms of their piece of work.


75% of all UK journalists come from middle-and upper-class families. 92% of them are white. Nearly all of them have degrees. It’s no wonder then that the rest of us feel like the media doesn’t really speak for us – partly because just 8% of journalists come from the poorest backgrounds. 

So, if you want to get into journalism, then you have to come from a certain background – or be able to do a slave-labour internship where you work for free for a billionaire. That’s not fair. And The Canary wants to change things with Amplify.

Eileanor Crilly successfully completed the first round of Amplify. She said she applied because:

I was sent a link to the Amplify programme from a friend of mine who knows that I’m interested in journalism and has read some of my own pieces. I just felt like it was worth a shot since I’ll take any experience I can get in the journalistic sphere. I also really stood by The Canary’s ethics as an independent news outlet so I knew my idea for a project would fit in with that. The fact that we had the freedom to pick our topic and the medium (written or video) really intrigued me and was what pushed me to go ahead and sign up.


The Canary is one of the largest independent media outlets in the UK with 250k monthly readers. We have a staff team of 20 people with many years experience of journalism and activism. The team has undergone safeguarding training, are DBS checked and we have a qualified safeguarding officer overseeing the project.

We are looking for: 

  • Young, working-class people between the ages of 16-25 of any circumstance (student, not in work, in work).
  • Chronically ill and disabled people of any age who are currently not in paid work.

We hope this will help bring about change on issues that are important to them, add to their self-confidence and increase their chances of future employment.

Participants will need WIFI and laptop/PC access or a device capable of using publishing software, Zoom, email and WhatsApp. The Canary expects participants to try and attend all workshops and meetings that we set for them. 


The main workshops participants will complete are:

  • Media ownership, audience and independent media.
  • Interview techniques for all mediums.
  • Article writing.
  • Ways of working in an online media outlet.
  • Timed article writing exercise.
  • Basic media law.
  • Opinion writing.
  • Analytical and investigatory work.

There will also be workshops specifically tailored to participants who wish to do video work, investigations or podcasts. 

First round participant Eileanor Crilly said the programme was:

Absolutely fantastic. The weekly workshops gave me so much new and ‘insider’ information about journalism and media that I would never have been able to access without this opportunity. I’ve learnt so much about writing articles, using WordPress, the pitching process, legality in journalism, and how to respond well to feedback. Learning to respond to the copy editor and section editor’s comment was incredibly valuable to me as it really gave me a look into how the ‘ecosystem’ of an independent media outlet operates and how people work together to produce articles. 

Not only that, but I loved the mentor meetings. There was always a personal check in, which I felt helped everyone in the group manage their mental health, even just by sharing what hadn’t gone or had gone well in their personal life. Then we could give one another feedback and support about each other’s projects.

Overall, I know I’ll carry the experiences and memories of Amplify for the rest of my life, both in my future career and my personal life. I loved every moment of the programme! I hope many more people get to have the same experience and find it just as valuable as I did.

How much?

The programme is entirely free. Each participant will be paid £30 as a thank you for their work.


If you have any questions or are interested in participating, please contact Steve Topple, our project lead, at [email protected]

Otherwise, please complete the application form below.