Maryam Jameela

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Maryam Jameela is a journalist and editor. She grew up in Lancashire, and now calls Sheffield home. She completed a PhD on the representations of South Asian Muslim women that looked at the gaps in mainstream trauma theory. She has had her work published in various edited collections and online outlets. All her work, whether academic or otherwise, comes from personal experience. Maryam’s identity as a disabled Muslim woman from a working class background informs her thinking and writing. She believes in radical anti-racism and community activism. She knows electoral politics won’t save us, and is committed to building new worlds that make life safe for minoritised communities. Abolition is important to her understanding of the world, and she’s passionate about abolition as applied to prison systems, education, health, and more. She started writing for the Canary in 2020, and has since begun work as an editor. She tends to cover Islamophobia, policing, health inequalities, and racism. When she’s not writing, she will be recovering from the above.

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