Father who confronted PM over NHS says daughter is doing better

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A father who confronted Boris Johnson over the state of the NHS when the Prime Minister made a visit to a hospital has said that his daughter is doing better.

Omar Salem took the Prime Minister to task during a visit to a children’s ward at Whipps Cross University Hospital, where his seven-day-old daughter was being treated.

Mr Salem claimed there were not enough doctors and nurses as he complained to the PM.

In a conversation lasting around two minutes, Mr Salem said the situation was “not acceptable”.

Mr Johnson was visiting Whipps Cross University Hospital in north-east London when he was challenged by Mr Salem on a children’s ward.

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He said the situation was “not acceptable” and told the Prime Minister: “There are not enough people on this ward, there are not enough doctors, there’s not enough nurses, it’s not well organised enough.

“The NHS has been destroyed… and now you come here for a press opportunity.”

Mr Johnson said “there’s no press here” but Mr Salem gestured to cameras filming the confrontation, and said: “What do you mean there’s no press here, who are these people?”

The Prime Minister explained he was “here to find out” about the situation but the man said: “It’s a bit late, isn’t it? Years and years and years of the NHS being destroyed.”

Mr Salem tweeted on Saturday: “Our daughter is very much better, which is a great relief.

“Thank you to the ambulance/A&E staff and the ward staff who cared for her over the last few days.

“She will be in hospital for a while longer for precautionary reasons. Thank you for all the messages of love & support.”

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    1. UPDATE some more input for Tory unelected P/Minister Boris Not elected by us public voters Only Tory rich party funders plus members Boris looks after for their votes NOW.
      Tweets 22.9.2019
      Reply to stop Andrew Pendle are M.P.
      Plus, same tweets to Boris.

      It is the resist Tory Cllr Tory funders keeping Tory M.P. Andrew Stephenson in power round here So this is why at 2017 G.E. Tory Govt set back on all its Tory resist Cllr in our area to win seats for their party But paid the price in 2019 May election time frame in Pendle area.
      Also on anther matter Tory M.P.A/S/ Your party better not bail out the air travel firm for votes as you Tory pissed on the steel worker and sold them off to a country that already Owes British tax payer money Boris Million in un paid loans you give them
      FINALLY-To Boris did your Tory M.P. + member tell your party before reinstating the resist member that we in this area of Pendle are out numbed 8-1 by the migrant people your party is offending every day if they kicked off on our street’s god help us all Boris

    2. https://www.lancashirelife.co.uk/home
      POST today—11.9.2019

      A summer walk from Barley takes in the mystical,
      and magical Pendle Hill, writes John Lenehan
      What will happen to all our Green land area?
      When Tory govt FRACKING start up in Pendle area
      + R/Valley in 2020-2021-time frame on its way now.
      Did Tory M.P. Nigal Evens tell his voters that FRACKING,
      is on its way, plus speeded up he voted for in parliament,
      I wonder resident of this area.
      Tweets to Conservative party 11.9.2019
      Mr. Stephenson plus T/ Cllr
      Your rain in Pendle area is coming to an end
      at New G.E. time the constant trashing of our area By Tory M.P.
      plus, T/ P.B.C.+ Colne T/Cllr we voters will not tolerate any more.
      Also, I will remind all Tory Campaigner in Colne area NOT
      TO POST T/party Propaganda paper or leaflets in my letter box,
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      I have informed Tory Party in LONDON head Offices plus Mr. Stephenson
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      Tell you why Need for food banks Tory SCAM U-CREDIT,
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      Remembers voter it is Tory party member that made up U-C mess
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      Also, the Truth here Pendle area voters Remember Javid + Stephenson,
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      in Lancashire area live on B.B.C. now again time 14.45pm
      11.9.2019 STOP the TORY PARTY LIES now Mr EVENS + Stephenson Both Lancashire Tory M.P.

    3. Angry parent tells Johnson the NHS is being ‘destroyed’ during hospital visit.
      Hi followers
      I see overweight Boris getting a good tell off for selling our N.H.S. to privet sector firm in U.S.A + Chine + India + Russia I must say to the Distressed man in article Boris will just back to No10 and do nothing about your requests on N.H.S. mess his party is making of it.
      Boris I must say now as a free voter at G.E. time possibly in 2019 time frame the following problem in our country Now
      Will cost Tory party their seats at local area level? SIR
      1- U-Credit Tory scam benefit payments killing people off.
      Plus proven to link with poverty within low paid working families you Boris voted for in first place.
      2- Tory Govt trashing our N.H.S. for cash only. Not to make it better and free to use like it was come time we will only be seen in N.H.S. Hospital when we have insurance cover to pay for any treatment at any N.H.S. Hospital this is what you voted for Boris.
      3- The trashing of our transport infrastructure by letting Tory M.P Grayling make bad deal that us taxpayer are paying for now to clean up NOT him or Tory Minister,
      We taxpayer are paying for his doggy deals done.
      Boris you also voted him to this post as T. Minister why?
      4- Now the big problem Boris Brexit you also voted for and rest of Tory Govt members, but we are still in WHY?
      You and your party have failed to deliver for us leave voters now you are seeking a quick fix to the Tory Govt mess
      I ask what price it will cost? us voter plus the U.k. if the shit hit the fan Boris when you try to get Ms May C**p W/Bill vote passed in parliament again with back stop still in it?
      5- Boris when are you going to get shut of D.U.P. party and make them start up their Govt in N/Ireland then the back stop could be sorted out by them in their own Govt place.
      Boris this is just 5 points I as a free voter think you + Tory Govt will loss voters on, At G.E. time they are more unjust Tory policy that I can name but the post then would be 100 pages longer a true, fact Boris from a voter + resident U.K.

      Of Pendle/Colne area
      Just some tweets put to both Party leaders this morning
      that will be after our votes later this year 2019 residents
      in a new G.E. campaign
      New Tweets to Boris 23.9.2019
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      So, I do suggest me a free voter you stop wasting your breath on rubbish plus porky’s SIR and put our military back to FULL capability your Tory Govt has trashed for party gains ONLY Boris to save T/ Govt cash you put our country at risk Tory Govt members including you Boris
      Labour tweets 23.9.2019 Mr. Corbyn
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