Vaccine 90% effective at pushing Tory coronyism from the headlines

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A scientist in a lab coat and holding a clipboard is illustrated next to a poster featuring the words “Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine” and the image of a syringe with two vaccine vials. The scientist is saying “The vaccine has been proven to be 90% effective at pushing Tory cronyism and incompetence out of the headlines! It will also be vital in fighting the virus…”.

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    1. I have posted this –post on other website
      as a question to Tory party members + local area Cllr.
      Covid vaccine: Is it safe, who will get it and when?
      This is everything you need to know
      The Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine has been approved for use in the UK.
      If -and I say if Tory Govt who we voter do not trust any more.

      Especially over the L-Down rules plus the Virus information now
      On new vaccine
      Will Boris + Hancock + SAGE staff be testing the new Vaccine before
      us public yes or no?
      Remembering resident of U.K. this true’ FACT Boris has had the
      Virus 2 time now So is a carrier + a spreader of it,– so Boris
      Should be first in line to test it out!!!– not the old people
      Being guinea pigs for Tory Govt Hancock + Boris + SAGE alike.
      Also, will all Govt party members in H.O.Commons be testing it first
      before it gets to us public yes or no??
      Will Local area Cllr test it before us residents in local area??

    2. It’s a bit early to say this vaccine will push Tory cronyism from the headlines. Let’s wait until we see how it’s rolled out. There’s plenty that can go wrong, and probably will, given the government’s manifest incompetence so far!

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