Crime and lack of punishment

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Image description

This cartoon begins with the text “Crime and lack of punishment” the words “lack of” are smaller and coloured red, the rest of the text is black. Under that is text reading “A story of government accountability”. The rest of the cartoon is divided into two columns, the one on the left is titled “Crime”, the one on the right is titled “Punishment” and has quotation marks around it. The crime and punishment columns then read in order as follows.

Crime: Inquiry finds minister bullied staff

Punishment: PM calls for ‘protective square’ around minister

This is illustrated with a giant mouth shouting at two people

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Crime: Top aid drives to Barnard Castle during lockdown

Punishment: Infamous ‘eye-test’ press conference given in PMs garden

This is illustrate with a balloon with a castle and the words “I heart Barnard Castle” on it

Crime: Health secretary breaks law on reporting PPE purchasing

Punishment: SACKED! Only joking… he had “no regrets”, much like his mates who got the PPE contracts!

This is illustrated with a face mask


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    1. Ultimately if there is a serious crisis it goes to the state to decide how to address the issues raised. I worked for the DWP for about a year, minimum stuff, budgets, education programmes, policies and processes, meetings with ministers, etc. There is no reasonable reason why the couldn’t deal with this and these are the policies they chose to implement. Parliament has existed for a long time now, during world war two factories were still used, so what’s the excuse?

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