It’s not just about what Boris said, it’s about what he actually did

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Image description

This cartoon begins with the headline “It’s not just about what Boris said” and beneath that an illustration of Boris Johnson saying “Let the bodies pile high”. Next to that is the headline “It’s about what Boris actually did”. Beneath that are the following:

“Missed 5 cobra meetings” illustrated with an empty chair

“Late lockdowns” illustrated with a dial that reads “Cautious, sensible, tardy, reckless and WTF”. The needle on the dial is pointing to “WTF”.

“Failed track and trace scheme” illustrated with three bags of money.

Finally there is a box containing the words “That’s why we are here” and an arrow pointing to a tombstone with the following words on it “127,434 – currently the 5th highest death rate in the entire world”.

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