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Image description – This cartoon begins with the headline “Cop26 Action Plan”. Underneath that is a flow chart that reads as follows:

2021 – Set targets for 2030 (again!)

2022-2028 – do nothing (and hope no one notices)

2029 – Pray for a miracle

2030 – Flee to Mars

Beside that is an illustration of a rocket blasting upwards, emblazoned with the Amazon logo

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    1. Hopefully Musk, Branson, Bezoz, Gates and NASA will have a fleet ready and big enough to allow for the ENTIRE Elites/Establishment and their Serfs. So they can ALL hop on board and escape to Mars! With a little bit of luck and a lot of wishes, it will be a one way ticket! So that The PEOPLE and The EARTH can breath a sigh of relief and start healing and living once again! The Earth’s anger will go with them, Earth like People can heal fast with care and respect, with them gone there will be plenty of that!

    2. And throughout the entire time, a whole bunch of additional, useless “Blah, blah, blah” …

      Collectively, we need environmentally conscious and active young people, especially those approaching or reaching voting age. In contrast, the dinosaur electorate who have been voting into high office consecutive mass-pollution promoting or complicit/complacent governments for many decades are gradually dying off thus making way for voters who fully support a healthy Earth thus populace.

      Industry and fossil-fuel friendly governments can tell when a very large portion of the populace is too tired and worried about feeding/housing themselves or their family, and the virus-variant devastation still being left in COVID-19’s wake — all while on insufficient income — to criticize them for whatever environmental damage their policies cause/allow, particularly when not immediately observable. Needless to say, big polluters most likely will not be made to account for their environmental damage while they’re already paying out (kickbacks?) to big politicians’ re-election budgets. And who knows what other corruptions?

      Mass addiction to fossil fuel products by the larger public undoubtedly helps keep the average consumer quiet about the planet’s greatest polluter, lest they feel and/or be publicly deemed hypocritical. Meanwhile, neoliberals and conservatives remain preoccupied with vocally criticizing one another for their relatively trivial politics and diverting attention away from some of the planet’s greatest polluters, where it should and needs to be sharply focused.

      As individual consumers, though, far too many of us still recklessly behave as though throwing non-biodegradable garbage down a dark chute, or pollutants flushed down toilet/sink drainage pipes or emitted out of elevated exhaust pipes or spewed from sky-high jet engines and very tall smoke stacks — even the largest toxic-contaminant spills in rarely visited wilderness — can somehow be safely absorbed into the air, water, and land (i.e. out of sight, out of mind); like we’re inconsequentially dispensing of that waste into a black-hole singularity, in which it’s compressed into nothing. … While we all need to keep doing our very best to correct it ASAP, humankind, in short, is distracting itself/ourselves from our own burning and heavily polluting spaceship.

      1. People have become as disposable, in the literal sense, as the bits of Crap People rush out to buy, chuck in the, rush out to buy, repeat!
        People sold themselves, cheap, for “Manufactured Consent” and burning all bridges of Unity and Equality in the process.
        We cannot rely upon each other anymore! People cannot quit their unethical jobs in a sign of Solidarity to all People, because the will not get thanked for it nor will they have security of a Caring Community who has their back, People destroyed Community for Cheap Tat!
        We are by far The Many no matter what the ELITES/ESTABLISHMENT owned General Elections, MSM or Polls say. There is ‘good’ reason for The PEOPLE to believe that they are the few!
        For as long as we take their money to make their Bombs and Weapons, Queue Up to fight Their Greed Wars, build Their Space Craft, make Their Fossil Fuel Burning Engines, make and sell Their mass produced Cheap Tat, work in Their Misinforming Manufactured Consent MSM & MSSM Offices and then rushing out to buy their Cheap Tat, only to Chuck their Cheap Tat in the Bin, we will never wake up!
        For as long as we keep taking in their MSM and MSSM we will never wake up! Perhaps we will once it’s too late, just as 2019 was a great wake up call for some, it appears to have been momentarily it must be nice for those who can afford ‘oh damn, look another 5 Years of Reagan/Thatcher TORY Neoliberalism’. Especially now that there there are TWO Thatcherite Neoliberal TORY Parties in the run, with the Conservative Party TORIES looking like the soft option next to the Neo-New-Labour Party TORIES and no Voice for/of The PEOPLE left in Commons soon!
        There is a lot of waking up and self-educating outside of the Mainstream to be done. The same for our children, they need to be made aware that what they learn in school is nothing more than a Half Truths of Elites/Establishment written Fluff and they should challenge these half truths with the facts!

    3. Incidentally, isn’t it curious that the only disabled delegate unable to gain access to the conference venue was Israeli? The reporting was interesting: according to the Minister, it was a communication blunder. The needs of the delegate were not communicated to the venue. It seems this was the protocol. Somehow it by-passed the Israelis. It seems, therefore, there was disabled access it was simply a matter of passing on information and being in the right place. The Israeli delegate, unable to get in, waited in the same place for two hours. Two hours? Why? She then managed to travel fifty miles to her hotel in Edinburgh. No doubt Glasgow was crowded. But Edinburgh? And if she managed fifty miles why couldn’t see manage a short distance to an entrance with disabled access, as, according to the Minister, they were available? Of course, the Israelis have good reason to try to discredit the UN. And phasing out fossil fuels is going to change the politics of the Middle East. Anyone else smell a rat?

      1. Interestingly, I read it on Israeli MSM a day before any other MSM on my NewsNow timeline, thought it was queer, but now you say that it sure was! She must’ve left her mobile phone and ability to communicate at the Edinburgh Hotel Room! Nowt as queer as Folk!

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