nurture, empower, respect: three words from our vision, mission and values statement.

At The Canary we strive to embody those words in the work we produce and the way we communicate with each other. We work hard to create an environment where we truly care for each other and treat each other respectfully – even when we disagree.

We want this culture of respectful caring to be embedded throughout The Canary, including in the comments beneath the articles. We understand that tempers can flare and words can be harsh when dealing with sensitive and politically charged issues. But when we start trading personal insults and using abusive language with each other, no one benefits.

We also want to nurture a community based on trust, where we can openly, freely and respectfully communicate with each other. And that forms the basis of our comment moderation policy, with you, the readers, at the heart of it.

Once you’ve registered on the site, you can post comments on our articles and also flag any comments that you feel don’t reflect our vision, mission and values. Once a comment has been flagged, our editors will be alerted to review the comment.

We trust our community to respect each other and the principles outlined above. We hope people abide by these principles when they are commenting or flagging comments, but we reserve the right to cancel the account of anyone who is abusive.

We don’t pre-moderate comments but any comments flagged to us that include hate speech, defamation, harassment or invasions of privacy will be removed, and we reserve the right to ban the author.

Let’s make this a space to support and challenge each other to collectively create a free and fair society where we nurture people and planet. Thank you.