Everyone needs to hear the words of an ‘underfunded’ intensive care nurse about the ‘apocalyptic situation’

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An intensive care nurse has recorded a spoken word poem warning of an “apocalyptic situation” for “underfunded, under-prepared and under-protected” NHS staff.

Tori Wills, a sister at Southampton General Hospital’s intensive care unit, posted the video on Facebook “out of frustration” at people not obeying lockdown rules.

Willis told PA: “I wrote the poem out of general frustration at the public still flouting the rules, when my colleagues are putting their lives at risk and working in extremely harsh environments.


I have never shared any of my spoken word, But today, the sun is out, there are still families, still people flouting the rules and I need you to understand how we feel. From an NHS ICU Nurse- ‘Stay Home’*edit* please feel free to share

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Posted by Tori Wills on Sunday, April 12, 2020

“All of those experiences are real from both mine and my colleagues’ perspective.

“We aren’t asking for much, just for people to stay at home, help us flatten the curve and cope with our patients, with enough resources and staff.”

In the poem, Wills says: “‘Stay home’ they said as we gown up and glove up, hearts pounding with fear, tired from sleep disturbed by nightmares that are no longer inconceivable.”

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    1. Roy Jenkins—18.4.2020
      A new update post on failing of our local area Tory M.P. ongoing now. I will be putting this post on other website as well in all area’s residents of Pendle area.
      Some point + Questions I wish Tory Govt to respond on A.S.A.P.
      Q-1 WHY have N.H.S. staff been told to reuse P.P.E. equipment?
      Is it to save Tory Govt cash for H.S.2.C**P yes or no? Boris.
      P-1 will NOT reuse P.P.E. equipment’s NOT spread the Virus within Hospitals faster to all patents and increase the death Rate yes or no?
      Q-2 FUNDING will all the cash Tom (war veteran) as collected be
      used only for N.H.S. needs Boris/Hancock yes or no?
      P-2 will Govt member be putting their big wage increase given them in APRIL 2020 to aid funding the N.H.S. P.P.E./Ventilator Boris,
      yes or no? (will you order them to part with their wages increase?)
      Q-3 If Tory Govt know about virus in NOV 2020 time frame which we believe they did why was no stockpiling done of P.P.E. + ventilator then and in addition why was Dec G.E. 2029 held using our public taxpayer money to fund it Boris.
      P-3 Was no stockpiling done of P.P.E.+ Ventilators so Tory Govt plus all its members (new M.P.) could use our public cash taxpayer’s money to fund Tory Govt Dec G.E. to seek full power in all areas of U.K./Wales/N/Ireland /Scotland yes or no? Boris.
      Q-4 Boris when will poor areas start getting P.P.E + Ventilator for our local Hospital hard working staff including overs /staff of old people home /staff of N.H.S. run care homes/ privately run business.
      P-4 Boris now C/19/Virus is rampant in ALL area of U.K. Ireland’s
      It about time Tory Govt funding to all their pet/project stops now to fund our N.H.S. right do you not think so Boris? as your life as just been saved SIR remembering true ‘fact here you Tories have trashed our N.H.S. fully are fully responsible for our public cash funding now.
      Like stop public funding to H.S.2 C**p emerging cash that is privately run but our public cash (taxpayers money) is used to prop it up the H.S.2 C**p our U.K. public cash should not be going to the rich broad members of H.S.2 C**p to our N.H.S. hardworking staff Boris.
      Q-5 To our local area Tory M.P. Andrew Stephenson of Lancashire
      /Pendle/Colne areas that is Boris’s Transport Minister now running the H.S.2 C**p for Tory Govt. When are you Mr. Stephenson going to get new P.P.E. for our local Pendle area Hospitals N.H.S. staff / G.P. surgery staff / Hospital staff /care homes staff/pharmacies staff,
      Will you be asking Boris’s for new cash for our needs yes or no?
      Instead of asking Boris for more funding for H.S.2 C**p you are overseeing Mr. A/Stephenson for Tory Govt just to keep privet rich people running the H.S.2, C**p now in cash without us getting anything in return for our public taxpayer cash that should be spent local on our needs in Lancashire /Pendle/Colne on P.P.E. equipment round here for all N.H.S. staff and over to be safe at work.

    2. another problem Tory Govt have with Virus help to public.
      Email sent to new channels 23.4.2020

      [email protected]; [email protected]>;
      Sent this email to some over party members as well in H.O. Commons.
      C/19 virus App—date sent 23.4.2020
      Hope you are all Virus free at this present time
      My name is Roy
      I wish as a resident of U.K. for you to ask the 2 following question please our Tory Govt N.H.S. Health Minister Mr. Hancock Plus is Health advising about an App they have put on T.V.
      The APP that links people to one another Mobile phone to aid in tracking people, that’ may have the Virus??
      Q-1 What about homeless people in U.K./Wales/Scotland/N/Ireland that do not have mobile phones (how do they get help ??)
      Q-2 What about people like me & my family members that do not have a mobile phone,
      where do we get help??
      I do not own a Mobile or intend on getting into money problems to buy one,
      (so Mr. Hancock were do my family plus me)
      Go to get help in my local area town of Lancashire/Pendle/Colne area???
      To Tory Govt members all the App you invent to help Govt out with C/19 Virus does not serve us,
      that do not have mobile phones, Including the homeless on our streets including them in Wales/Scotland/N/Ireland areas on the streets,
      Boris/Hancock/and over Tory party members.
      Could you please ask the 2 question to Tory Govt N.H.S. Minister Hancock or is health advisers? Including Mr. Rabb stand in Prime Minister for Tory Govt, please could you email us with their reply to you please.

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