This election is the fight of a lifetime. We have the chance to oust a ruthless, right-wing government led by a liar and to vote in a socialist government led by a genuinely principled politician. But the billionaire press is pulling out all the stops. When it’s not covering for Boris Johnson, it’s busy pumping out smears and spin to keep Jeremy Corbyn out of Number 10.

Don’t let the Mail and the Sun dictate the election result. Can you chip in to enable us to make history?

Just three companies dominate 83% of our national newspaper market. And research shows that newspapers have been pushing a clear anti-Labour position in this election. This is no surprise; Corbyn is taking on the ultra-wealthy few and offering bold, sensible policies to empower the many.

There’s so much at stake in this election – from our NHS, the climate and housing to universal credit, education and jobs. We urgently need to stand up to the billionaire media. But we only have a tiny fraction of their resources.

We urgently need your help to take on the might of the billionaire press. 

At The Canary, taking on the powerful is what we do best. In the 2017 election, by speaking truth to power and disrupting the media landscape, we helped to turn pundits’ predictions on their heads. This time, we need to go further. We need to challenge the billionaire media more loudly than ever before. We want to write and edit more articles to take down the smears and spin, publish more guest posts from key figures and create more videos to reach the widest audience possible.

But we rely on support from our readers for the vast majority of our funding (the rest comes from online advertising), and we can’t do it without your help.

Don’t let the Mail and the Sun dictate the election result. Please help to make history by supporting The Canary today.

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