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As one of the only independent investigations units in the country, we work for you – but we need your help to keep going. We need to raise £10,000 to continue our groundbreaking investigations. Click below to find our more and pledge your support.


Why should you support us?

The investigations unit is continuing the outstanding body of work established by The Canary over the past 5 years.

In that time, we’ve exposed a secretive ‘Venezuela reconstruction unit’ within the British government, worked with whistleblowers to reveal Conservative election spending misconduct, had parliamentary questions asked based on the shocking number of DWP-related deaths we’ve compiled, and named two of the controversial spycops long before the mainstream media.


Our new Investigations Unit has continued this work by publishing a number of vital stories over the past 8 months:

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What sets us apart?

We dig into government and corporate corruption, expose abuse of police powers, challenge right-wing narratives, and provide a platform for communities ignored by mainstream media.

Since launching the unit just 8 months ago, we’ve hit the ground running by creating four exciting new series. They’re dedicated to informing and transforming people’s lives – by telling the stories that matter.


We use our platform to work with grassroots communities and amplify the voices of people who have been silenced. We’re working with activists, charities, and advocacy groups.


We monitor the police, track sinister surveillance practices, and expose the failings of the justice system. We don’t just report on these issues – as activists, we’re on the front line with you.


We examine disinformation from the mainstream media, politicians, and corporations. We reveal the facts and uncover the truth – all the while taking complex issues and making them accessible.


We dig into the pockets of politicians, corporations, and the establishment. We follow contracts and untangle paper trails that reveal financial webs and vested interests.


Why are we crowdfunding?

Our investigations take a lot of time, energy, and resources. The essential donations from our monthly supporters only just cover the costs of employing our regular staff writers. So, to go the extra mile with in-depth research, we need extra support to keep us going.

But we don’t just want to scrape by. £10,000 will help sustain us and ensure we can continue our work, but our stretch target of £20,000 would enable us to dig deeper and publish more investigations on the issues that matter to you.

Unlike the mainstream media, we don’t squander money on fancy offices or overpaid executives. Every penny raised from this crowdfunder will go back into our investigations.

Who are we?


I specialise in financial tracking, open data source investigations, and human rights breaches. I’ve seen first-hand the inner workings of corruption in my investigations from government departments to grooming rings across the UK. I make investigations accessible because everyone has the right to be informed about the world they live in and should have the ability to change it.


As a working-class brown Muslim woman, I know how important resisting oppression is. That’s why my PhD makes links between Islamophobia, racism, and trauma. I’m always going to use my investigations to show the connections between government decisions and the very real harm it causes to communities. I specialise in looking at Islamophobic counter-terror strategies, anti-racist activism, police violence, state power, and disability rights.


I’ve worked at The Canary since our launch in 2015 and I’m now Senior Editor. I’m really excited about continuing to help drive and develop the women-led investigations unit we’ve established. I specialise in issues around policing, civil liberties, and mental health.

How can you make a difference?

We can only continue to expose corruption, uplift marginalised communities, and hold power to account with your help. Please support us by funding our groundbreaking investigations unit today

In return, you can choose to receive exclusive Telegram and/or email updates about our investigations. You can be involved behind the scenes, get sneak peeks and receive follow-ups on the impact of our stories. You’ll also be invited to an exclusive Q+A event where you’ll be able to ask us anything – including how we uncover information.

These rewards are the same for each donation level but, if you’re able, please choose an amount that will really sustain us in the battle for truth and justice ahead.

Thank you,

Maryam, Emma and Emily


We know everyone is suffering under the Tories - but the Canary is a vital weapon in our fight back, and we need your support

The Canary Workers’ Co-op knows life is hard. The Tories are waging a class war against us we’re all having to fight. But like trade unions and community organising, truly independent working-class media is a vital weapon in our armoury.

The Canary doesn’t have the budget of the corporate media. In fact, our income is over 1,000 times less than the Guardian’s. What we do have is a radical agenda that disrupts power and amplifies marginalised communities. But we can only do this with our readers’ support.

So please, help us continue to spread messages of resistance and hope. Even the smallest donation would mean the world to us.

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    1. I’ll chuck some money in if you investigate the racist convoy for Palestine. Last time they were shouting sexually violent and anti semitic phrases at women and children. This weekend they’ve laid on coaches, but separate ones for men and women to head to London with the protest convoy. A vile, misogynistic and anti semitic organisation that is a stain on the pro Palestine cause.

    2. 1/ Even the ‘demonstrably’ racist EHRC found no evidence of ‘anti-semitism at the top of the Labour party’ under Corbyn, nor did it find ‘demonstrable racism at the heart of the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn’. It found only 2 cases of supposed anti-semitism and these are highly disputed and were in any case comments opposing the apartheid Israeli state.

      2/ If you oppose the Palestinian cause then you are a racist, because Israel is a racist apartheid state as evidenced by people such as US President Jimmy Carter, veteran South African campaigner against apartheid Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Jewish Aushwitz survivors Hajo Meyer and Esther Bejarano, and numerous UN and other organisations such as Human Rights Watch and even Israeli human rights group B’Tselem.

      3/ If you support murders of Black people by the police, then you are a racist.

      What is it with these vile, Israel supporting, racist, anti-public NHS trolls; a ‘stain on the pro-Tory cause’.

      1. Are you thick? Why did a Jewish Labour MP need police protection at the Party Conference under Corbyn?
        Many Jewish people would interpret your comments about Israel as being racist in their nature. Guess what that makes you? The dog whistle of anti zionism has been used by the left for years.
        Have a look at what Mosab Yousef, son of a Hamas founding member, and a former Hamas commander himself says about Israel. His speech at the UNHRC is telling.
        Tel Aviv Pride was last month. It was attended by thousands of Palestinians who have sought refuge in Israel because of their sexuality. Arabs have all the same rights as Jews in Israel. There is no Apartheid apart from in the head of Anti Semites.
        And nowhere did I say I support the Police murdering black people. Emily wrote about a death in custody of which she has no understanding. I knew the guy who died fairly well and it was not a murder in any way. Emily is taking a death she knows nothing about to attack the Police. She has personal issues with the local Police so is utterly unsuitable to write on the subject. We’ve already seen that you’re happy to use racist language, so I won’t be taking any notice of your name calling.
        I’m no Tory, but I can tell you that it’s the vile racism and toxic views of people like you that have turned the public off the Labour Party. One day, maybe you will see yourself for what you really are and why nobody likes you. People vote Tory because of the Lefts views and policies. You put Boris into number 10. You are a stain on decency and the anti racism cause.

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