Universal Credit (UC) is the inhumane and cruel benefits system devised and enacted by successive Conservative-led governments. Currently being rolled out throughout the country, the life-altering impact of UC on working people and those who require support due to disability or poor health has been devastating.

You can learn more about this issue here and by watching our campaign film below.

Since The Canary’s inception we have been shining a light on the harsh realities of austerity and the increasingly inhumane policies being enacted by the Tory government. Now, with a pledge from the Labour Party to scrap Universal Credit, we are launching a campaign to hold power to account and make sure that Universal Credit will be scrapped. We also want to make sure that whatever welfare system follows is truly fair, that it puts those in need first, and ends the regime of assessments, sanctions and private profit that has gutted our once great social welfare system. 

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