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Andrew Butler

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    1. Why bother? Is not the comment facility sufficient? However, I note it is not greatly taken up at present.

      Speaking of which, it would be improved by encouraging text formatting (e.g. italic) and allowing embedded links to images and other web sites. Additionally there should be facility for editing/deletion within a stated time period (e.g. a day).

      The Daily Telegraph, before it totally went to the dogs, offered a blogging facility for registered visitors. This was well received and encouraged active discussion sometimes harder to achieve with ordinary comments/letters.

      Like many other web sites yours is cursed by a plethora of active scripts. These consume device’s computational resources and some appear to be trackers. At point of writing, sixteen scripts are active. Fortunately, the Mozilla Firefox browser offers an efficient add-on for blocking this garbage.

      Also, I work from the relative safety of Linux . A protection against malware which ‘bad actors’ might insinuate on your site.

      Finally, your news/discussion outlet is getting better by the day. I first heard of it from a ‘show’ on RT.

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