What percentage Trotskyist are you? [QUIZ]

John Shafthauer

As we all know, the Labour Party has a very serious problem with Trotskyist infiltrators – just like they previously had a very serious problem with:

  • Droves of antisemites.
  • Scores of sexists.
  • Hordes of level 10 anti-aspiration vampires wearing cloaks of invisibility.

The fact that only a minority of these individuals were found proves just how sneaky these people are. Unlike in other parties, of course, where finding a minority only proves that there is a minority.


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To try and weed out these Trots, Tom Watson has got together with Owen Smith’s private polling people and they’ve devised a fool-proof way of determining who is and isn’t a Trot. You can be assured that the following quiz works too, as if there’s one thing these people understand intimately, it’s the mindset of a fool:

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