Tory MP calls for refugee cattle markets

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The Tory MP David Davies has expanded on his proposal to scan refugees’ teeth by calling for the implementation of migrant cattle markets.

Davies previously made controversial comments about children when he claimed that most parents would not want a homosexual child. He actually intended those comments as an opposition to gay marriage too, which suggests that Mr Davies understands human reproduction about as well as he understands human compassion.

And now, Davies claims that the UK is at risk of exhausting its hospitality. But this seems like an odd thing to worry about, as said hospitality seems to have already run dry. Unless of course your idea of hospitality includes:

  • Taking 5,000 refugees from millions and then huffing and puffing about the inconvenience – like a sulky teenager told to tidy his room.
  • Standing by as your media photographs incoming refugees and then headlines them with messages that basically read ‘VERMIN!’
  • Pandering to a vocal minority of homegrown racists who blame foreigners for the problems caused by the ones who pander.

Mr Davies’ modest proposal

Davies then elaborated on his initial suggestion by saying:

We have to ensure that we get the right ones. The best ones. The fittest and most productive ones.

We need to get in close quarters with them; we need to inspect them. I want to look in their mouths and check the age of their teeth. I want to clutch their haunches and feel the latent toil I am owed in their flesh. I want to see inside their heads and know that they are willing and without question. I want to see inside their hearts and know that they are tamed.

They want to escape from a monstrous regime? Fine – but they must submit themselves to ours first. They must allow it to absorb them completely. And if come here they must, they must arrive without self. They must arrive here as meat.

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The obvious oppositional stance to this is that, if we live in a society in which we view other people as cattle, then we live in a society in which we view other people as cattle. And that isn’t the sort of society we should want to live in.

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