Wealthy elites mysteriously still in charge of everything

Wealthy elites mysteriously still in charge of everything
John Shafthauer

When Brexit and Trump happened, most of us thought:

Uh oh. I guess that’s game over for the wealthy, unelected, out-of-touch elites.

And yet, despite the vote having apparently gone against them, they still all appear to…

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…you know…

…be showered with every bit as much wealth and influence as before.

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We spoke to Teddy Rubberclown, who has a decent job in London, but still felt annoyed by these elites whose power was allegedly dependent on Britain voting remain:

I thought things had changed after Brexit. That’s why I ran into HSBC’s headquarters shouting ‘Teddy’s in charge now!’ Turned out I wasn’t though, and they had me escorted from the building. The same thing happened at Greggs too, although they did at least let me keep the pastries they threw at me.

We also spoke to one of those northern Brexit voters that Westminster pundits loathe so much:

Actually, we knew that it wouldn’t damage the elites. Or at least I did. It will mean that you have to think about the North the next time you plan on developing the country, though! Checkmate, London!

I mean, obviously it could also just mean that we end up with decades of Tory rule. But maybe if we hadn’t been ignored for so long, our primary motivation in any given vote wouldn’t be revenge.

The anti-elitist elites

One of the weirdest things of the past year has been seeing the Tories complain about elites. So to get a handle on this, Off The Perch spoke to the Tory MP and well-known hereditary toff, Jacob Rees-Mogg:

OTP: So, Jacob, do you think there’s a problem with wealthy elites in British politics?

JRM: Yes, I do.

OTP: And are you wearing gold shoes right now?

JRM: Avert thine eyes from my loafers, peasant!

A change is as good as a rest

So overall, we may not have actually got rid of all the wealthy elites (or indeed any of them), but there has at least been a miniscule change in which elites appear to be the most dominant.

Which is… something. Right?



It probably isn’t.

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