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And what a week it was!

The last week of the year! Well, the last week of the political year, anyway! Certainly the last week that I’m working, which is fortunate, because it was the dumbest week of the past 12 months!

Jesus Christ!

But what happened?

Strange looking manMay warns new referendum would break trust with the one guy left who trusts her

by John Shafthauer

Theresa May is warning that a second referendum could completely undermine the trust that exists between her government and… the one guy left who trusts it.

He’s called Mike Carmichael, and Off The Perch caught up with him.

Read on...

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OTP: So Mike – we’ll ask what everyone is wondering, and that’s why?

MC: Why what?

OTP: Why do you trust May still? Or at all?

MC: I just think she’s dead good.

We laughed awkwardly at this point – assuming ‘dead good’ was a pun on her brain-dead, zombie politics. The laughter ceased when it became clear he wasn’t joking.

OTP: You think she’s ‘dead-good’? What has she ever done that’s even remotely good?

MC: I just like her style.

OTP: What ‘style’? The way she endlessly repeats the same slogans? The way she never answers a fucking question? Or maybe the way she backtracks on pretty much everything she sets out to do?

MC: She just looks like a proper person, you know?

OTP: She is a fucking person! Being a person is literally the least you could expect from a prime minister!

MC: Yeah, but you couldn’t do it like her, though.

OTP: Do what?

MC: Exactly. She does it so well you can’t even put your finger on what she’s doing. But, saying that, if she calls a second referendum, then I’m finished with the bastard.


To be fair to May, a lot of the country will feel betrayed if the original decision is reversed.


Field of wheatTheresa May kicks the Brexit vote into the long wheat

by John Shafthauer

Look – everyone hates Theresa May’s Brexit deal, and they’re going to vote against it. That’s why MPs warned her:

You’d better not kick it into the long grass!

May laughed at this, and said:

Oh, don’t worry – I won’t kick it into the long grass.

She then picked up her Brexit deal and ran off, leaving MPs to rub their foreheads and say:

She’s heading for the fucking wheat again, isn’t she?

Shredded cheat

As we all know, the naughtiest thing May has ever done (besides austerity / the hostile environment / the 2017 election / etc) is run through a field of wheat. And that’s exactly where she headed with her Brexit plan.

“Come out and let us vote on it, you silly bastard!” MPs shouted.

May replied:

Shan’t! I’m going to stay in here for another month, and then you’ll all do what I want!

“No we fucking won’t!” the MPs assured her.

May retorted:

Well then, I guess I’ll just have to run back into the long wheat until you do!

“Do you even know what you want!?” they asked. “Because it seems a lot like you have no idea!”

Theresa Delay

In response to her haters, May blew the longest raspberry ever blown by a sitting prime minister. The BBC managed to put a positive spin on this – reporting:


A headline which should have read:


Piers Morgan and Julia Hartley-BrewerBritain stockpiling clueless loudmouths in case of no-deal Brexit

by John Shafthauer

It’s predicted that no-deal Brexit could result in shortages of water/medicine/society. There’s one thing we won’t run out of, though, as we’ve been stockpiling it for decades.

That thing is prominent idiots who misunderstand important issues for money:

Failed media

The media is good because it allows the country to hear from people who actually understand things. Or it would be, if that’s how we used it. Why would we, though, when we could instead hear Julia Hartley-Brewer ridicule something she overheard two people talking about in a Waitrose queue?

It’s like encyclopaedias – the books nobody likes, because they’re filled with useful information. Imagine if we got rid of all that, and filled each one with Nigel Farage’s used toilet paper? That would be much better, and it’s why radio stations like LBC exist.

But what if we ever run out of these vital sources of hot air? Thankfully, the Brexit minister has a solution.

The twilight clones

The government took Off The Perch to a secret research facility. There, the minister showed us 80 vats – each of which contained a clone of Piers Morgan. He boasted that the clones had a combined IQ of 78.

“There’s a worry that after no-deal Brexit people might begin eating the idiots who sold them this tripe”, a government scientist told us. “That’s why we need some backups.”

Unfortunately, an accident led to the clones being defrosted. It turned out the government ‘scientists’ were all just work experience kids in lab coats. Largely because Daily Mail columnists said Britain is sick of experts, and the government hired accordingly.

Boris JohnsonPanel finds Boris Johnson mouthed ‘not racist’ while penning ‘racist’ article

by John Shafthauer

Earlier in the year, Boris Johnson penned an article that many deemed to be ‘racist’ against Muslim women. Some celebrities disagreed, but then racists repeated his ‘letterbox’ comments while racially abusing women.

But were these comments, which racists repeated in a racist context, actually racist?

According to an ‘independent panel’, the answer is… you guessed it!


Read my lips

The legal panel had access to video footage of Johnson writing the article. According to the Tories who’ve seen it – all of whom are expert lip readers – Johnson repeatedly said the words:

Not racist.

This has been disputed, with others suggesting he said:

Hate women.


Fuck Muslims.


Cat biscuit.

It turned out the expert lip readers couldn’t agree, which means everyone should just believe whatever they want in an incredibly confident fashion.

Merry twatmas

Responding to being let off the hook, Johnson himself said:

I’m happy to hear that this independent panel of racists… err… I mean independent panel of judges has made the right decision. They were right to acknowledge that I was being satirical. Largely because it sets precedent, and means we can forever hold our hands up and say, ‘it’s just satire, you plebeian donkey fuckers – everything we say is just satire’.

Following this statement, Johnson proceeded to egg on a nearby gang of droogs who were committing a hate crime. Although he was encouraging them in a ‘satirical’ way, it could lead to another inquiry. In which case, expect it to report back just after parliament breaks in December 2019.

Merry Christmas, from the Tory party!

Featured image via pixabay pixabayYouTube / iDominick – Wikimedia / World Economic Forum – Wikimedia (images were altered)

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