Vaccines work but forcing them on people is authoritarian

A scientist holding a vaccine vile
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Coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccines have become a topic of fierce debate. Different sides of the argument seem entrenched in their positions. But is there a right and wrong position on this? And does the idea of forced vaccinations and passports reek of corporate fascism?

In short: no forced vaccines or passports

Let’s sum this up fairly easily:

  • The government should not force people to have vaccines.
  • The government should not force people to carry vaccine passports.

There. That was easy – wasn’t it? Well actually, no. Because the reasoning behind this position is extremely complex – and not in the slightest ‘anti-vax’.

Vaccines: the arguments for them

The arguments for vaccines are that they reduce the risk of severe illness and cut hospitalisation and mortality rates. This is fairly obvious by anyone’s standards from the data for the UK. Studies are also showing that vaccines are reducing transmission. But Omicron is an unknown quantity. Currently, some evidence shows it’s evading the vaccine. It may be that (much like seasonal flu) vaccines will need to be adjusted accordingly to beat Omicron.

So, surely that is enough of a reason for the government to force us all to have both them and vaccine passports, no? ‘Protect the NHS. Save lives’ and all that. Well, again – it’s not that straightforward.

Government vaccine authoritarianism

As my editor said to me when discussing this article, there’s a “genuine tension between personal freedom and collective responsibility”. The current UK administration is perhaps one of the most right-wing in recent memory. So, trusting them with our civil liberties seems bizarre at best. UK governments have form on rolling our basic rights and freedoms back under the guise of ‘public interest’.

Tony Blair’s allegedly centre-left Labour Party from 1997-2010 was one of the worst offenders. Also, “disaster capitalism” as it’s known – when governments use a crisis to further control or change society – is nothing new. So to think that the Tories aren’t exploiting the pandemic is naïve at best: from dodgy PPE contracts to what a future with vaccine passports/digital ID may look like via “secrecy” clauses for companies like Pfizer over their contracts with the government.

Read on...

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Increasing corporate fascism

I warned via The Canary, even before the first lockdown in March 2020, that the government’s coronavirus legislation was authoritarian and civil liberties-infringing. On top of that, you have the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill: a piece of racist, authoritarian legislation that’s anti-protest. Then there’s the Nationality and Borders Bill: another piece of racist, authoritarian legislation. I could go on.

The point being, our right-wing government is turning the UK into a corporate fascist state. I have written extensively about this for The Canary. In short, it’s the idea that politicians have allowed corporations unbridled power and the same rights as citizens – which ends up concentrating power into their hands. Forced vaccines or vaccine passports could hand more power over our everyday lives to corporations. For example, a pharmaceutical company could deliberately restrict the supply of a vaccine to increase profits and therefore indirectly resrict people’s freedom if passes remain in place.

Yet as things stand, we’re supposed to believe the government is a benevolent entity acting in our best interests? Germany has forced “quasi-lockdowns” for the ‘unvaccinated’ or people who haven’t recovered from coronavirus – where they are not allowed to go into certain public spaces. This is one example of where the UK may head – and Germany’s centre-left government is a fairly liberal one. So, imagine what ours may do.

Capitalism’s conflicting interests

Of course, what we’re also seeing with the vaccine rollout is the different industries of capitalism pursuing their own interests. On the one hand, you have the interests of big pharma. Then, on the other, you have the nighttime/service sector economy. It’s clear right-wing governments are stuck in the middle here because both these subsets of the economy are crucial for capitalism’s wheels to keep turning.

So, mandatory vaccinations and passports are the obvious solutions to keep both sectors happy. Big pharma makes a killing – and the nighttime/service sector gets to stay open. Once again, the rest of us are left with doing what we’re told, to protect corporate profit. If ever there was another reason to nationalise the pharmaceutical industry, it’s this.

One size fits all vaccines: a failed approach

There also needs to be a debate about the ‘one size generally fits all’ approach to vaccination. While the vast majority of people will experience no major side effects from the jab, this is not the case for everyone. Just in my Twitter community, I know of several people living with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) who have had the vaccine and it’s made them even sicker. Sadly, the voices of chronically ill and disabled people are often erased from the discourse.

Plus, human physiology and genetics are complex things. Mass vaccination programmes only factor in risks for a few patient groups. So, diseases like ME, whose origin is still unknown and yet is generally triggered by a virus, are ignored in this. Some people may argue ‘well, it’s better than them dying’. I know some people who would disagree with this given how severely ill they are. Moreover, they shouldn’t be given this binary choice anyway.

The sins of the few cause the punishment of the many

But ultimately, the story of government-mandated vaccines is the same as other catastrophes like the climate crisis. Essentially, the sins of the few cause the punishment of the many. The actions of the wealthiest people and corporations have resulted in our entire species now being under threat from climate breakdown. And governments prioritising the economy and the needs of capitalism over public health at the start of the pandemic have meant countless unnecessary deaths and the almighty mess we’re now in – including the debate over vaccines.

Capitalism: reaping what it sowed

Also, the fact that governments are getting closer to forcing vaccinations upon us is in some sense of their own making. As a species, corporate capitalism encourages us to become obsessed with ourselves at the expense of others. Our own responsibilities to our communities, our species, and wider ecosystems have been eroded over time. In a perfect world, we all would have voluntarily locked ourselves in our homes with robust government support until the virus died a natural death. Sadly, humans are not an innately selfless species – and corporate capitalism encourages that.

What’s the alternative?

From the start of the pandemic, the government’s handling of it was a disaster. It should have closed the borders immediately; locked down quicker; provided better financial and social support for everyone, and made it the goal to try and reach ‘zero Covid’. But this didn’t happen. In reality, the government’s response was often driven by sham behavioural science; decisions were either wrong or too late, and that has now left us in this position. Because of government ineptitude coupled with capitalism’s needs, we have a binary choice of ‘to vaccinate or not to vaccinate’. It should never have been this way.

Yes to targeted, personalised vaccinations

Vaccinations per se have been a good thing for humans. As a society, we generally exist in close proximity to each other, encouraging disease transmission. We’re one of the few vertebrates that cannot synthesise our own Vitamin C, putting our immune systems at a natural disadvantage. This is made worse by structural and social factors like poverty and nutritionally poor food. And mother nature is, as coronavirus has shown, constantly evolving – bringing new threats to our door. So, the fact that humans have a first line of defence against viruses is obviously in our own interests. Vaccination programmes should holistically look at each person, their health, and how it could potentially impact them while weighing up the benefit to the rest of society.

We should decide

But ultimately, the decision to have a vaccination should be a personal choice. Humans surely should have evolved beyond a point where those in charge of us have to enact laws to force medication upon us. We should be making these decisions ourselves, knowing that there is a benefit for us as a society to be vaccinated. For those of us who, for whatever reason, choose not to have it there should be no legal repercussions.

Governments should not force us to have the vaccine because of their own mistakes and profit-driven agendas. We should all be looking at what we can do personally and collectively to stop the spread of the virus, reduce pressure on the NHS and save lives. And then, we need to consider how we allowed this situation to arise in the first place – making sure it never happens again.

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        1. Sending children to school, that’s a scary prospect in itself…..
          You send your beautiful daughter to primary school in the morning, by the time you collect her in the afternoon, she is your son!
          So you rush to buy paint to re-paint her bedroom, but just as you have done that, your son has changed his mind, and wants to be your daughter again..
          God help us all.

          1. Whereas if you had kept them at home you could have enforced your idea of what they should be.
            And why would you need to repaint their bedroom ? the person is the same person it’s just the labelling that has changed. Unless of course you were already enforcing stereotypes by painting the room the colour you thought it should be for their assigned gender 🙂

      1. Besides the two Pfizer vaccinations, I receive the annual influenza vaccine, though for the last five years I’ve specifically asked for a placebo …. to which I receive a serious look by the nurse, who is not amused by my attempt at humor on the subject.

    1. “Vaccines work” SOME vaccines work.
      Contrary to popular belief most “Covid “Anti Vaxxers”” are for the most Anti-Big Pharma Greed and Distrust, not Anti-Vaxx but, Anti-THIS Flawed Vaxxers, Anti-CHOICE of Vaxxers, etc, etc, etc.
      The latest figures for England 1 to 28 November 21 shows that of Covid Deaths for that period 80% were Fully Vaccinated!!!
      South Africa where the vast majority of people are not Vaccinated, the hospitals are running on their lowest dip since the pandemic started, as “Omicron is experienced as mild flu like symptoms. IN THE MEANTIME The UK and USA are putting out red alerts,
      “It will be a dark Winter for the Unvaccinated.” Biden
      “Boris Johnson calls meeting of Cobra emergency committee amid rising wave of Omicron Crisis” All reports with pictures of people getting jabbed!
      Really we need a better breakdown of the figures there are way more to consider than Covid Cases, Covid Deaths and Case Deaths Percentage. Like Population Health, Population Safety and Security, Population Mobility, War Zones, etc, etc, etc. Deaths per 100K of the Population is usually the Lay go to, mine anyway.
      China = 0.35 = DEATHS/100K POP. that’s 1 Person per 300K!
      Cuba = 73.35 = DEATHS/100K POP.
      UK = 220.54 = DEATHS/100K POP.
      USA = 244.84 = DEATHS/100K POP.
      Australia = 8.41 = DEATHS/100K POP.
      Austria = 150.79 = DEATHS/100K POP.
      It is interesting to see how much lower per capita the rates are for China and Cuba vs Big Pharma and also Nations refusing to take vaccination and being brutally forced. If you look at the figures between Big Pharma West and No Pharma Africa it is astonishing, how low the death rates are compared to Big Pharma’s West. If that is not enough these Official figures of England’s Death Rates, show that 80% are People who were Vaccinated.
      We don’t call people who stopped taking the Flu Vaccine for whatever reason Anti-Vaxxers and try to force it on them.
      The only Vaccine that I will take is the Vaccine that is an Actual Vaccine and one that WORKS, whatever that Big Pharma concoction is, by these official figures, does not seem much like a Vaccine!
      The only deaths reported by Western MSM are prominent “Anti-Vaxxers”, they seem to have missed all the people killed and harmed by these so called “vaccine” let alone Covid! Western Capitalist Big Pharma is outshone by Communists and Socialists AGAIN! The low deaths can more likely be contributed to the Anti Viral Medication, which Cuba sent BoJoke an emergency batch of right at the beginning, I guess he filed it under incinerator!

      1. Around 90% of the population are vaccinated, which means that around 10% of the population are providing 20% of the deaths, so a much higher risk factor even if you ignore the fact that a very high percentage of the vulnerable and very old will be vaccinated, so the people at highest risk from the virus will almost all be in the vaccinated figures.
        No-one claims the Vaccine is 100% effective, but it not only massively reduces your risks of catching Covid, but also reduces the effects and importantly, as it prepares your immune response, vaccinated people will on average have a much lower viral load, and thus be much less likely to infect anyone else, thus reducing the spread.
        The low death rates in China and Cuba are not because they aren’t vaccinating, locking down etc. etc. but because they are doing so much more effectively, with less dissent, and yes, of course the fact that they don’t have privatised medical systems that are looking to profit from the pandemic.
        Obviously everyone wants an actual 100% efficient vaccine (not that any vaccine reaches that level), and scientists around the world in private and state funded organisations in socialist, communist and capitalist countries are actually all collaborating to produce something that covers a wider range of the possible mutations/variants, but meanwhile we are making do with the vaccines and medicines that they have already managed to develop in such a phenomenally short period of time.

        1. The trouble with MSM is that they don’t go by facts and figures, at least not official figures. According to what you say above that makes an even worse case for this so called “vaccine” and the Government. If only 10% of the Population are responsible for infecting part of the 90% of the so called “vaccinated” and supposedly immune Population or at the very least as you say “it not only massively reduces your risks of catching Covid, but also reduces the effects and importantly, as it prepares your immune response, vaccinated people will on average have a much lower viral load, and thus be much less likely to infect anyone else, thus reducing the spread.”, because clearly it doesn’t! Not if 90% of Deaths are “Vaccinated” and “infected by 10% of the Population”.
          If only 10% 6.8 Million of the 68 Million Population are still unvaccinated why not place us under some kind of house “arrest/detention” until we choose vaccination or become naturally immune!? Remember that 6.8 Million includes children and elderly so will affect far less Adults of Working Age, of those many may even be Naturally Immune.

          UK Population: 68 413 677

          First Dose Total: 51,463,255 taken as figure for Fully Vaccinated.
          Second Dose Total: 47,009,608 lower, for vaccines that required a 2nd dose.
          Fully Vaccinated, but not Boosted: 75%

          Total Fully Vaccinated and 3rd dose Boosted: 28,060,874 = 40%

          Total Population: 68,413,677 minus Fully vaccinated
          Fully Vaccinated, but not Boosted: 51,463,255 = 75%
          Total Unvaccinated: 16,950,422 = 25%

          Where 100% are the Fully Vaccinated and 3rd dose Boosted: 28,060,874
          The Unvaccinated: 16,950,422 25% of Population, compared to above = 60%
          Only 40% more are Fully Boosted and Vaccinated individuals compared to Unvaccinated individuals.

          SARS has been studied for some years, part of the study of specific animal viruses is to create the crossover virus to humans COVID so these viruses are not New to Science, for something so particularly Nasty with possibles to crossover why have they not started working on a Vaccine Database back then!?
          The frightening thing is how many other crossover viruses are there that Science neglected to study vaccines for or yet to discover!
          There are nearly 8 Billion Humans on Earth, viral crossovers are easily achieved by nature or man and this, by the look of it, is to be The Age of the Virus. What will we do when 3, 4, 6, 10 COVID type viruses hit earth all at the same time, not to mention the release of ancient viruses due to Global Warming! We have centuries of experience with Plagues/Viral Outbreaks/Pandemics/etc yet still no concise plan of action, no means of treating the infected appropriately.
          I’d suggest stop faffing with bogus money spinner vaccines and look to Cuba and further develop their Anti Viral Medications, we’ll develop natural immunity and the Antivirals will ease the symptoms of the Infected and test, test, test, test, test, test for infection and immunity!

          As I said above NOT Anti-Vaxxer, I am Pro Vaccination of Vaccinations that Work and Anti-THISNonVaccine. We all still have to take full and equal responsibility by Protecting Others, Ourselves and our Families “Vaccinated”, “Part Vaccinated”, “Vaccine Boosted” or Unvaccinated! WHO put out a warning to “Vaccinated” individuals to not be under the delusion that they are immune at all, that says all that needs to be known.

          The MSM needs to be held accountable for misinformation and causing hysteria, where they should be educating instead. The Governments for mishandling and WHO & UN for being an absolute waste of Time!

          1. PS Please understand this, under no circumstances am discouraging anyone from getting Vaccinated, that is entirely your choice and these are the reasons my choice is not to. I encouraged my elderly parents to be vaccinated, however they had better choices of Vaccines.
            What I am saying is this is my body, this is my choice, I still Mask, Visor, 70% Alcohol Spray, wash clothes immediately if I was out and shower, basic hygiene, everyone does, right?.
            So go and get Vaccinated if you want to, I am not going to fight you for it, it is your body and your choice!

      2. *I am surprised that you should censure my comment when the figures are based on official Government Figures and the rest my own observations from those figures I will make an edit for calling the “Vaccine” [“Bogus Jabs”]*

        PS We all know this Virus is serious, and we all know by now that we have to be PPE’d, Alcohol sprayed, clothes in the wash when we return home, and in the shower. That goes for Vaccinated and Unvaccinated but to cause more Elitist Division is not helping whatsoever. If this Big Parma Vaccine in Development is an Effective Vaccine why are 80% of deaths contributed to Fully Vaccinated people!? If this Big Parma Vaccine in Development is an Effective Vaccine why are the Vaccinated not immune!? Is Immunity not the goal of Vaccinations? Nobody is safe, not Vaccinated nor Unvaccinated, we have to protect ourselves and others by means of PPE not Vaccine’s in Development that does not seem to give immunity, even WHO warned that Vaccinated people should not imagine themselves Immune! How many times have we seen Anti-Maskers screech and shout I’ve been vaccinated, so what, you can still have the virus, still spread it and still die from it and give it to others and me to get the same!
        Your Body, Your Life, Your Choice, My Body, My Life, My Choice.
        If you feel safer by being vaccinated, get vaccinated, especially if you are vulnerable, but please Protect yourself and others the same as though you are not vaccinated as WHO says don’t imagine yourself immune, especially if you are already vulnerable! The important thing that Governments should insist on are Mask, Visor, Social Distancing, 70% Alcohol Spray Hygiene and constantly updated and adequate training especially the Police, making work, commercial, leisure, public, etc environments safe and accessible. To give people false hope about a vaccine in development is reckless and dangerous, are people warned that they are not immune, as WHO did, when they are vaccinated and advised to continue with strict PPE? I do hope so! I really do Hope so!

    2. I am getting a little sick of these flat Earthers in their tin foil hats who seem determined to keep this pandemic going forever. These idiots will bring on another lockdown and the rest of us will suffer. I lost a lot of respect for Jeremy Corbyn when he joined the pro covid brigade, and I’ve just lost a lot of respect for the Canary for publishing this nonsense!

      1. Oh dear, it seems that you really have little comprehension of what is actually happening.
        That’s OK, you are in the misinformed majority..
        Do you believe that the ever recurring lockdowns have been of net benefit? or that this virus could actually cease to exist any time soon? irrespective of whether every individual gets vaccinated every few months? Or that these vaccines provide immunity from infection? That the limited benefits they do conferre (to the vaccee, not their contacts) lasts longer than a few months?
        If you answered yes to any of the above I urge you to deepen both your area and depth of research.

    3. Well and good for the author to point out that obliging people to be vaccinated is “authoritarian” and given this government’s record and draconian legislative record, this is something to look at with suspicion. There is a good deal of merit in that. But then the author’s favoured measures; border closures and quick decisive lockdowns, are also authoritarian. In fact if a lockdown is to be effective it needs to be enforced in a very authoritarian style, which Britain’s never were. So which flavour of authoritarianism do you prefer?

    4. I was rather saddened to read this article. Yes, I fully agree that the whole thing has been massively mishandled by Johnson and Co. and that the initial response should have been a lot more authoritarian and restrictive, not only locking down weeks earlier, rather than inviting thousands of football fans from one of Spain’s most infected regions to party in the middle of Liverpool, and continuing to hold other sporting and social events, but actually enforcing the lockdowns for the wealthy (who continued private jetting around the world) as well, and not, every time a new variant came along, give people a few days to rush it back here before stopping flights. We’re an Island, we could have had the whole thing under control.
      But I must take issue with the main line of the article: Yes it is perhaps restrictive of the freedoms of anti-vaxxers to insist that only the fully vaccinated can go to packed venues, pubs, restaurants etc. but the alternative to restricting the freedom of those (approx) 10% who have made a personal choice to be a much higher risk, is to restrict the freedoms of everyone else.
      I used to make almost half my income from gigs, and have been looking forward to the day I can return to playing in pubs and clubs, but unless there is a reasonable effort to keep venues free of infectious people, this just isn’t going to work. Yes it would be great if there were an instant test, but there isn’t, so the only thing we can do is reduce the risks.
      My personal freedoms are already restricted by the Anti maskers, to the extent that I generally do my supermarket shopping after midnight, when there’s space to avoid the unmasked, who also have a much higher chance of being unvaccinated, and not keen on distancing or taking other precautions, thus much more likely to be infectious. I have also not gone on coach and train journeys where I can avoid them, and now, just as there’s a chance that those who make the effort to protect those around them will be able to start mixing, you are arguing that our freedom to mix safely is less important than the freedoms of those 10% who feel that wearing a mask, or getting vaccinated for the general good of society is already too much of a restriction of their freedoms.
      Not getting vaccinated and not wearing a mask is perfectly acceptable, if you are willing to limit your interactions with others, but as soon as you expect interact with the other 90% it becomes Anti-Social Behaviour, and in many ways is actually threatening behaviour, as I have often seen unmasked people walk straight through groups of masked people, seemingly enjoying the obvious discomfort they are causing.

    5. If businesses were required to exclude smokers because of the risk of secondary smoke to their employees, how can they allow un-vaccinated people in once there is the possibility for everyone to get a vaccination.
      Obviously there are a tiny percentage who are genuinely at greater risk from the vaccine than the virus, who can have some sort of exemption, but in the same way that my freedom to smoke didn’t allow me to expose others to potential risks, there is no reason that anyone else’s freedom to be a high Covid risk shouldn’t restrict their access too.

      1. You already do Dwain, Tax, it’s because the hoity toity only need to pay a couple of % Tax that our NHS has Crumbled, our Children are Homeless and Hungry, our Towns look like a Dog’s Arse, why we have 9 out of 10 Poorest Places in North Europe and only ONE out of TEN Richest Place in North Europe and that being ‘The’ ONE Number ONE Richest Place in North Europe (that was 2018, I dread to see 2022), the Neoliberal Capitalists’ House of Cards will tumble for their own greed.
        “It is the Base of a Mountain that Sustains Life, NOT the Peak.” Robert M Pirsig

    6. >Vaccines work but forcing them on people is authoritarian.

      Seat belts work but forcing them on people is authoritarian.

      Needing a gun licence in order to own a gun works but forcing it is authoritarian.

      Learning to drive works but forcing it on people is authoritarian.

      Vaccines, seat belts, gun licences, driving licences all keep OTHER PEOPLE FROM DYING, not just the person involved and are very justified.

      Stupid article. Is The Canary resorting to clickbait to get people to read it?

    7. Vaccines work? The article is obviously referring to Covid ‘Vaccines’, which are a) NOT vaccines at all; b) demonstrably do not ‘work’ (prevent the jabbed person catching the ‘virus’, being hospitalised from the ‘virus’ or dying from the ‘virus’). They can also transmit the ‘virus’ to others, which makes an obvious nonsense of ‘Covid Passports’ and any other jab requirements for access.
      How, in God’s name, can these jabs truthfully be described as ‘Effective’?
      As for ‘Safe’, far from safe, the myriad deaths and millions of adverse effects (most undocumented, as the doctors, nurses and hospital personel are too busy, and it takes too long to report each adverse event), the harrowing tales of life-altering adverse events from the jabs are mostly ignored by the MSM, and removed from Big Tech Social Media, as are reports of relativesy deaths following shortly after the jabs. This comment will probably be removed, because the truth is not welcome.

    8. A reasonable article and position, Steve.

      It is VERY sad to see what are obviously moderately intelligent and educated Middle Class folk buying the Establishment view hook line and sinker. Some folk genuinely seem incapable of seeing the direct evidence of Big Pharma’s nasty works over DECADES, and then see the same companies running the same scams over ‘vaccines’. Like, the company that puts asbestos into baby powder, and then uses lawfare to prevent compensation payouts… REALLY the kind of people you want in charge of forced ‘medication’ programs.

      And you have to be a psychopath not to look into the Big Pharma ‘Anti-depressant’ scandals, and the ‘Opioids’ scandals, and think “All is well on the Earth”.

      But many people are genuinely willfully blind, and even more simply don’t have the time or inclination to study such ‘deep society’ events, and after all they are deeply depressing facts. Much better just to act out some Eastenders harridan and scream ignorant abuse at the ‘Others’, the ‘Unwashed’, the ‘Unvaccinated’.

      The level of Magical thinking is insane. Who knew formerly that simply calling a new cocktail of drugs a “vaccine” magically made it perfectly safe?? Doesn’t even need the 3x twirling of its cousin, homeopathy. Nevermind all the potential vaccines that were previously rejected because they caused unnacceptable levels of harm. That was Bad Science (A book worth reading, btw), and in fact they MUST be perfectly safe, as they are caled “VACCINES!”.

      All vaccines are automatically safe, luckily do not require the full testing regimes, and anyone who questions – no matter their biochemistry degrees, their insider knowledge of Big Pharma, or their decades of labour within Healthcare – are also magically automatically “anti-Science lunatics”.

      When a quarter of a MILLION US healthcare workers choose to lose their jobs, pensions and benefits (Such AS healthcare), to avoid taking a new experimental vaccine when they are fully vaccinated with all the others, and these people have been administering or working with those who administer this cocktail in their places of work and SEEING the effects – on which there is a near total blockout of information in the lamestream CORPORATE media – that should ring bells even within the least skeptical person out there.

      Of course, you have to KNOW about those resigning healthworkers to begin with…!

      Informational Control. Public control. Movement control. Access to essential buildings control. Threat of State ‘ultra-violence’ for dissenters.

      The actual vaccines are in fact barely useful. They offer around a 20% improvement in resistence… for a couple of months. During which you can STILL catch the virus, and happily spread it on – even to the other vaccinated!

      Now, its a while since my childhood vaccinations, but I’m fairly certain i didn’t have to get 3 shots and 4 boosters a year not to catch measles, and there was a more than 20% reduction in terms of catching it, and the harm from the vaccines never had to be hidden from the Public.

      And Pfizer, J&J et al, were not packing in $200BILLION A YEAR+ from the program, nor did they have to bribe so many politicians. (None of whom drove to their HQs to ‘test their eyes’ either!).

      Like, I get it. We’d all LOVE to have genuinely trustworthy politicians, corporate media and Big Pharma. We WOULD! Wouldn’t it be marvellous to be able to stop worrying about them? To hear “Jeremy Corbyn today promised new PPE” without KNOWING it was a sweetheart deal to some company started 5mins earlier, based in a tax-haven, that would never deliver standard PPE, and where any corruption was punished.

      But, I hate to break it to the obvious Pollyannas above, we DO NOT HAVE THAT.

      This is a shame, but you need to be REALISTIC.

      Either change the Govt TO that kind of reality, or else accept that large numbers of the population simply aren’t buying your “Trust the Bosses” line of crapola.

      People talk about the “rabbit holes” of conspiratorial thinking. Fine. But ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS: the ‘narratives’ of the establishment are just as much ‘Conspirational Thinking’. (FX, that some bloke under house arrest by the Taliban, without even a mobile phone, could somehow prevent NORAD from responding to hijackings. Yeah. Or another one, that a virus spread from a DEEP batcave *several thousand miles away* and yet was perfectly adapted to human beings when it arrived. (Instead of being a probably accidental release from the bioweapons lab a few hundreds meters away that we have documentary evidence was working on ‘gain of function’ human-infectibility research on that very virus…. yeah.).

      See, thing is, – and I’ll wrap this essay up, not that anyone’s reading it, lollol – when lies are THIS OBVIOUS, as soon as anyone goes genuinely looking (Like R Brand), they are quickly going to spot that ‘things are not adding up’.

      And then they discover all the buried data deemed ‘not fit for the Public’, such as the harm from these so-called vaccines.

      It doesn’t take long after that.

    9. I am not anti-vax, but I do not like the idea of forcing the population to vaccinate. Especially against their will. On the west coast of the United States the Omicron is striking down the vaxed with equal ferocity. Even if the Vax was 100% effective, which it is not, forcing it upon the population is not just authoritarian but also unethical. I find it alarming that governments around the world would attempt such unethical policies. Furthermore, a passport would take things to a whole new level. Families in Gresham, Oregon are being turned away from eating at some well-established restaurants. My friend Dom, a black man, knows all too well what it is like to be discriminated against. He and his family were turned away after standing in line for 30 minutes. The establishment not only turned them away but shamed them for choosing not to vax. He was appalled at the actions of this restaurant. Restaurants are public places owned by private citizens and are subject to discrimination laws. Why are the unvaxxed threatened by the unvaxxed? If you are vaxed is that not a shield to protect you? Who is taking the risk? The behavior I see in my local community is frankly bizarre.

      What happens if the big pharma raises the price of your next booster to several thousand dollars? If you do not get the booster, you will not be able to eat at your local restaurant. Where does this end? What if you cannot enter a grocery store because you couldn’t get into get a booster shot. The local clinic was backed up and you missed your appointment. Ten years from now it is decided that these passports are required to drive a vehicle. You’re not fully vaxxed so now you cannot drive. There is a glitch in the tracking system and an entire section of society is blocked from the most basic privileges. The point to my comments is about privilege. Once you accept a universal passport to be used on a local level you must accept that access to everything becomes a privilege. Privileges can be taken away. If this passport is completely digital, then your privileges can be removed with the click of button. These privileges could include your ability to eat.

      I realize most of you don’t think these things are possible. But I guarantee they are possible. At this point they are likely. Oregon launches its first vaccine passport March 8th, 2022. That will be just the beginning as business begins to scan for this passport. This action will inevitably cause friction and possibly violence. In the UK, the population must accept whatever your government deems necessary. In the US it is not that simple given the civilian population has vast hordes of weapons and ammunition. Forcing anything upon
      Americans is a dangerous road to follow. It is one that could end in mass bloodshed. I hope that our leaders see the writing on the wall and back away from mandates and passports. Thus far it seems full steam ahead….

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