CanaryPod 12 December 2017 – Brexit and Israel-Palestine

Nancy Mendoza

In this week’s CanaryPod, Nancy talks to Steve and Tracy about two long-running political issues that have dominated the news over the past few days: Israel-Palestine and Brexit.

To find out more about the stories discussed this week:

Britain just made history at the UN, after laying down a ridiculous ultimatum

Theresa May gets the chance to stand up to Trump on Jerusalem. She bottles it.

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If David Davis is squirming now, wait until he remembers his BBC interview about the Brexit impact reports [VIDEO]

Episode Credits:

Presented by Nancy Mendoza (@NancyWMendoza) speaking with Tracy Keeling (@topsy_tee), and Steve Topple (@MrTopple).

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Produced and edited by Nancy Mendoza (@NancyWMendoza)

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