CanaryPod: Topple Uncaged EP9

Steve Topple outside the Houses of Parliament
Steve Topple

Welcome to Topple Uncaged!

Every week, The Canary will be bringing you a new podcast on the media landscape; hosted by me, Steve Topple.

I’ll be giving you the quickest news round-up in the UK in Plucked News. Then, I’ll be going in on some of the biggest stories with a very special guest on Free Flying With… After that, I’ll be taking apart, and taking down, this week’s #bbcqt in Question Time: Topple Chirps Back. And finally, I’ll be bringing you the freshest, most banging political music in Revolutionary Bird Song.

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This week’s guests? The always on-point broadcaster Afshin Rattansi and delicious political commentator turned musician Mo Ansar.



Presented, produced and edited by Steve Topple.

Sound engineering by Gav Pauze.

Plucked News articles/tweets in order:

Universal Credit via The Canary

Hungry children ‘eating from school bins’ in Morecambe

Mumia Abu-Jamal’s right of appeal & more US troops in Africa (E874)Watching the Hawks

A 16-year-old’s petition on mental health is a must-sign

Justin Trudeau’s tears are worthless. This week’s assault shows he’s just another corporate stooge

Trump’s wall won’t do anything about the opioid epidemic

Someone’s finally going to jail over the Panama Papers

Owen Jones on a fiery political week in Westminster

Andy Murray: Briton’s retirement will be ‘devastating’, says Sue Barker

Free Flying With… news articles/tweet in order:

14 MPs turn up to discuss UN report on 14 million people living in poverty

‘Secret’ £75m Brexit contracts facing investigation

Tory official convicted of falsifying expenses in race against Farage

Question Time: Topple Chirps Back:

A Facebook agreement with manufacturers makes it impossible to eliminate your Android phone application [Spanish]

Drone detection firms summoned to Heathrow as police hunt for culprit

Revolutionary Bird Song:

New Tomorrow by Solomon.

Find out more about Solomon.

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Topple Uncaged Theme Music: Lost Souls by Lee Wrizzle.

Countdown music via mongrelvids.

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