CanaryPod: Topple Uncaged meets… Tara Harrison

Topple Uncaged meets... Tara Harrison
Steve Topple


Welcome to series two of #ToppleUncaged!

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In a special episode, I meet a rising star from New York – but whose roots are firmly in Jamaica. Tara Harrison is a power-housing singer/songwriter. She has worked with legendary artist Lauryn Hill since 2012 and is currently on tour with her. But, her time to shine in her own right is coming. Harrison dropped her first track of the year, PSA, in January. And soon, she’ll be releasing her debut EP. It’s called Lady Lighter and boasts production from the acclaimed RoryStoneLove.

So, I caught up with Harrison for the #ToppleUncaged podcast. We talked everything from Ms Hill to the growing movement of female reggae artists.



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CanaryPod: #ToppleUncaged… meets Tara Harrison show notes:

Presented, produced and edited by Steve Topple.

Sound engineering by Gav Pauze.

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