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Scotland is celebrating its patron saint by ‘making someone’s day’

St Andrew’s Day, on 30 November, is a day of celebration in Scotland and Scottish communities across the world. The Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon took part in a video to wish everyone a happy St Andrew’s Day. But that isn’t all.

Sturgeon used this as an opportunity to encourage people across Scotland and beyond to do “small acts of kindness”:

The first minister believes that St Andrew’s Day should not only celebrate “Scotland’s history, culture and people but of solidarity and support for others”. She is hoping that anyone in a position to, can do something to help a neighbour or give up their time to a good cause. Sturgeon has also suggested donating belongings no longer needed to charity.

“Small acts of kindness”

So other campaign groups, charities and businesses followed suit. Volunteer Scotland encouraged people to get involved by supporting worldwide projects:

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Penumbra highlighted awareness around the stigma attached to those suffering from mental health issues:

Campaign group Lead Scotland was also “proud to support” the campaign:

Meanwhile, travel company About Scotland shared this heartwarming video:

And finally, the TV channel Dave got involved and suggested how you could make someone’s day:


It didn’t take long for “little acts of kindness” from Scotland and beyond to start flowing. Activist Davie Donaldson nominated Sturgeon to take part in the “foodbank trolly challenge” as he has done:

The movement has inspired foodbank donations up and down the UK:

Pupils at Auchmuty High School are making pledges on what kind acts they will do over the weekend:

And a fun day is being held to raise funds for Strathcarron Hospice:

St Andrew’s Day

And more St Andrew’s Day well wishes were sent from the rest of the UK. David Schneider made everyone’s day with his exclusive tabloid scoop:

And Jeremy Corbyn pledged to make St Andrew’s Day a bank holiday across the UK if Labour is elected:

Across Scotland, there will be celebrations large and small. It is positive to see the leader of a country use it’s national day to spread a message of kindness and selflessness. Long may it continue.

And as is said in Gaelic ‘latha fèill Anndrais sona dhuibh’ or Happy St Andrews Day to all our readers, and remember to make someone’s day.

Featured image via Endrick Shelleycoat/Wiki Commons

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