A Tory MP manages to unite political rivals into agreeing that he’s an utter bellend

Sir Christopher Chope
Stefan Schmid

Conservative MP Christoper Chope has achieved something almost no-one thought was possible. In his most petty and ridiculous act to date, Chope has united all sides of the political divide in the country. United them, that is, in agreeing he’s an utter bellend.

On 8 February, Chope blocked a bill that would have allowed courts to issue protection orders if they believe a child is at risk from female genital mutilation. And his objection to what surely must be one of the least objectionable bills to ever pass through the House of Commons has not gone down well.

“No excuse”

This is not the first time the Christchurch MP has come under serious scrutiny. In June 2018, he faced a backlash after he blocked a bill to outlaw ‘upskirting’ photos.  The MP has also consistently voted against equal rights and called for a reinstatement of the death penalty.

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Chope claims to object to bills in order to allow for greater scrutiny and proper debate. But social media users were quick to scrutinise his record:

Comedian David Schneider also stuck the boot in:

Many simple questioned how he continues to get re-elected:

Chope bringing the country together

In an almost unprecedented act of unity, politicians from all sides came together to condemn Chope’s latest act. Labour MP David Lammy condemned him as “thoughtless” and “regressive”:

Chope’s Conservative colleague Zac Goldsmith questioned the MP’s ‘principles’ in a series of tweets:

Fellow Conservative MPs also attacked Chope. Simon Hoare wrote that it was time the MP “buggered off”. Nick Bowles tweeted that “never has an MP deserved a knighthood less”:

Lib Dem MP Tom Brake also got in on the act:

Flawed political system

As well as complaints about the individual, people challenged the political system that allowed this to happen. In one Malcolm Tucker-esque rant, a Twitter user put it succinctly:

It’s clear that our political system is fatally flawed if one man is able to derail a bill as important as this. These out-of-date procedures in the House of Commons need reviewing – the sooner the better.

Featured image via Wikimedia/Chris McAndrew

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    1. I wouldn’t expect anything better from “Slasher” Chope, the “Butcher of Wandsworth”, the man whose biggest acheivement was stealing the job of Governor-General of Hong Kong, who only got the job because “Mad Maggie” didn’t want to give it to David Owen (who she had offered it to in return for forming the SDP and keeping her in power by stealing votes from Labour).

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