It’s been a weekend of woe for Keir ‘Calamity’ Starmer

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It was a super shambles Saturday for Keir Starmer’s Labour Party on 2 October: lurching from crisis to chaos and back to crisis again. But should we have sympathy for him over his weekend of woe? In short, no.

Starmer: dragging Labour downwards

First up, and the latest Opinium poll movement for Starmer after his headline conference speech was one that went downwards:

Meanwhile, a Survation poll from 30 September had Labour up one point – but so were the Tories. Opinium’s assessment that Starmer’s speech was “successful” is debatable. But it was clear that his centrist cheerleaders thought he did a good job:

And while Sky News polling seemed to show people viewed Starmer’s speech favourably, this didn’t seem to matter in the overall polls. So, what does he do next? He writes an opinion piece for the Sun (don’t click the link!).

Writing for the Sun

The article went on about Boris Johnson’s “incompetence” being a threat to Christmas. But the content of Starmer’s piece wasn’t really the point. Because firstly, it looked wholly ridiculous when compared to the Sun‘s own coverage of Labour in the past few days. Some choice headlines:

It’s clear dull Keir Starmer has trump card in vibrant wife Victoria


Labour’s grim and mismatched Sir Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner make a disaster double act

Headlines such as these have littered the shitrag recently. So, given the outlet’s stance on Starmer, it’s unlikely that its readers are suddenly going to think, ‘Yeah, that Keir bloke’s alright! I’d vote for him!’.

Then you have the footage of Starmer during the Labour leadership contest saying he wouldn’t ever speak to the Sun during his leadership bid. It’s clear now that he meant that literally, and not ‘I will never, ever speak to the Sun for the rest of my life’:

Moreover, many people from Liverpool also objected to Starmer writing for the Sun – understandably so. And just when you thought Starmer couldn’t get any worse, enter the Mail on Sunday to deal the final blow.

Crossing the floor

It reported (again, don’t click the link!) that three Labour MPs have been in talks with the Tories to defect. The Mail on Sunday declared:

  • Three Labour MPs are understood to be considering defecting to Conservatives.
  • They are said to have become disillusioned with Sir Keir Starmer’s leadership.
  • The three MPs have decided to ‘open lines of communication’ with Tory whips.
  • A Labour MP has not ‘crossed’ to join the Tory Party since Reg Prentice in 1977.

But the Mail on Sunday failed to raise a key question: if these MPs might be considering defection because they’re worried Starmer will lose them their seat at the next election. Of course, the story could just be mischief-making by the paper. But people on social media pointed out a few potential floor-crossing candidates:

So, overall, the weekend was a bit grim for Starmer. But given another piece of breaking news, your sympathy for him should be zero.

The purge continues?

Labour is reportedly investigating well-known youth member Hasan Patel. He put out a tweet thread summing up what’s going on:

Responding to the news, chair of Young Labour Jess Barnard has accused the party machinery of “intimidation and bullying”. It seems the party’s ongoing purge of left-wing members has got another victim in its sights.

The UK: freefalling into chaos

The shambles in the Labour Party comes at a time when the UK is freefalling into chaos. From Brexit-related fuel shortages to the Universal Credit cut, the public need a strong, coherent opposition. Starmer’s clusterfucking would be hilarious if the country wasn’t in such an awful situation. Because ultimately, his incompetence and wilful inability to oppose the Tories is a detriment to us all.

Featured image via the Labour Party – YouTube

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    1. Just 3!?
      There are ~180 of Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neo-New-Labour Party TORIES! Can’t they just all fuck off, before The Furher sir Knut Starmer your already elected Prime Minister calls that early pointless GE!?
      We would be a far more powerful Party and Voice of The PEOPLE, with just 10 Democratic Socialists, just one UK Labour Party MP speaks with more power, for The PEOPLE than ~180 Neoliberal Neo-New-Labour Party TORIES all together!
      NO MORE Parasite TORIES, Smearers, Liars, Underminers, Saboteurs, etc, a Massive Members Base, All Democratic Socialist CLP, The Unions, etc, and a RUTHLESS Deep Clean! AND Of Course the return of ALL The Exiles!
      Can we all please push and make them believe it is the will of The PEOPLE that they all jump ship ASAP so that we can have candidates ready for their seats at the GE!
      This time we lock a volunteer to the ballot box until it is emptied! No more Criminal Elites/Establishment GE Robbery!

    2. The Zionista puppet Starmer, Labour Party fifth columnist who is fronting for the UK establishment needs to be ousted from the party. He is clearly occupied with undermining socialist principles and the labour movement. He’s about as far to the right as Ted Heath was. If the Labour membership can’t get rid of these Tony B’liar clones they need to leave and start a ‘Real Labour Party’ or ‘Social Democratic Party’. A political party that represents the lower income strata of society and not these pseudo religious factions that align with the wealthy plutocrats.

    3. Actually Ted Heath was more left wing than war criminal Blair and his new incarnation Starmer. He actually nationalised a company! So were the “wets” in Thatcher’s government. It’s a measure of how far to the right Blair took the country

      1. Interestingly both Blair and Starmer use the same tool to drag once Centre Left Democratic Socialists, very Deep into Torydom, well past Thatcher’s spot. Most noticeably 2015 to 2020 when our “Comrades” suddenly burst out in Far Right, People of The SUN, Chorus!
        Special Mention has to be given to Campbell/Mandelson’s, Better than Thou, Zombified Sheeple, The People of The SUN in Lamb’s Clothing aka The Guardian! Did equal damage and was equally instrumental in ensuring The UK Labour Party lost BOTH Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to end their beloved 43 Years of Thatcherite Neoliberal TORY HELL and bring Change, Equally and Justice to The PEOPLE!
        Funny enough it’s all those who fought the hardest against a UK Labour Party Government who are crying the Tsunamis of Tears!
        Of Course Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neo-New-Labour Party TORIES are over the moon, The People are calling for the end Their Colleagues The Conservative Party TORIES demise. That means the already elected Prime Minister The Furher Keith Loopholes Starmer takes his crown and Project End Truth and The Left can get wrapped up. The Furher can Loophole Julian Assange off to the USA and finish what he started, whilst sending a clear message to any actual real Journalists!
        The only way if we want a UK Labour Party For The PEOPLE minus the Backstabbing Liars, Underminers, Saboteurs, etc!

    4. Not being a Starmer fan or convert, during the leadership in which he conned enough members to vote for him, I paid as little attention to what he said as possible. Though some of it filtered through as it was all over the relieved MSM. So I had not heard his ‘defence of Corbyn’ and damning of The Sun rag: both KS’s utterances have been comprehensively shown to be lies. But hey ho, true to form, the MSM will not mention such unimportant snippets. Why should they when they have got the pussy cat they wanted.?

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