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Minister makes pathetic excuse over accusation that PM breached his own Xmas Covid rules

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A cabinet minister has given a pathetic excuse for Boris and Carrie Johnson seeing their son’s godmother at Christmas.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan said it was “absolutely the right thing” for them to have son Wilfred’s godmother, Nimco Ali, at No 10 while lockdown restrictions in London largely prevented household mixing.

Swathes of people had their festive plans cancelled last year when Johnson placed the capital and much of the South East under Tier 4 restrictions amid soaring coronavirus cases.

But the international trade secretary argued it was right for the Johnsons to have their friend over to help with childcare at the time when Wilfred was eight months.

Nimco Ali said no rules were broken (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

She told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme:

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It’s hard enough for the rest of us, when you’re having to run a country as well and have the challenges of difficult pregnancies, having a supportive friend to be there in your bubble is absolutely the right thing to do,”

Downing Street has faced questions over the festive arrangements after a report in Harper’s Magazine claimed Ali “spent Christmas with the couple at No 10 despite pandemic restrictions on holiday gatherings”.


However, commentators on social media weren’t fooled by Trevelyan’s excuse for the PM:

Others called out the mainstream media for promoting the PM’s story:

Meanwhile, others pointed out that they abided by the rules that the PM seemingly chose to ignore:

But despite what many people feel was a blatant breach of the rules, one Twitter user summed up the sorry state of the situation:

Time and again, Johnson and his cronies have shown there is one rule for them and one rule for the rest of us. The only question is when will people finally decide they’ve had enough of this government and call time on Johnson’s rule once and for all.

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  • “The rich are different”, as Scott Fitzgerald wrote. We know these rules do not apply to Johnson and it is this roguish, cavalier attitude that we all love🙉

    Doncha just lurv him?????


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