An ally of Jeremy Corbyn has suffered a horrific knife attack

Jeremy Corbyn and Amar Ilyas

An ally of Jeremy Corbyn and anti-knife-crime campaigner suffered a horrific knife attack on 18 April. In Sheffield, a gang pulled Amar Ilyas from his taxi and stabbed him in the neck, then beat him.

“Linked to a series of violent incidents”

A local news outlet reported that:

The attack on Mr Ilyas is being linked to a series of violent incidents in Sheffield, including a gun being fired at a Sheffield councillor’s house yesterday morning.

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Ilyas, a council candidate for Labour in the 2016 local elections, co-founded Mums United – a campaign group for preventing young people joining gangs.

It’s said that four men in their 20s were involved in the attack on Ilyas, which also left his car seriously damaged.

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The Sheffield Star also reported:

Following the attack on Mr Ilyas, two men, aged 18 and 26, were stabbed in Abbeydale Road at 11.10pm on Monday.

And detective chief inspector Phil Etheridge said:

We are working hard to ascertain the exact circumstances surrounding each incident but we do believe they involve the same offenders.

“Won’t stop working with young people”

On social media, Corbyn said:

Just spoken with Amar Ilyas who suffered a horrific attack in Sheffield. Amar set up @MumsUnitedShef, a project working with young people to prevent youth violence. I am heartened that Amar says he “won’t stop working with young people”.

Sheffield trade union council secretary Martin Meyer said:

Momentum and Labour Party member Amar has been campaigning against knife crime in the Sharrow community area of Sheffield since July 2017 as part of local campaign group Mums United.

Four men attacked him with a knife and a crowbar as well as smashing the windows and side panelling of his car.

Amar was on his own in his car at the time. Local community members came out of their homes and shouted to scare off his assailants. One local woman gave emergency first aid while neighbours called an ambulance.

Featured image via Twitter – Jeremy Corbyn

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