Former Soldier gets begging letter from Tory MP, Fallon. Here’s his brilliant response

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Billy J Wells is a former serviceman whose main hobby is politics, so when he received a begging email from Conservative MP and Secretary of State for Defence, Michael Fallon, he fired back with several logic missiles of his own.

I have no idea why the Tories send me emails. I have requested they stop, but they keep coming whenever they want a donation.

The email, sent of behalf of the MP, had the reassuring header:

Can't be trusted

And it certainly was!

The email says:

“Labour have said they would weaken Britain’s defences by having a nuclear deterrent without any nuclear weapons, [and] they would negotiate with Daesh terrorists…”

Read on...

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Wells’ email patiently explained to Mr Fallon:

Recently Cameron took us to Syria putting this country under threat of street massacres of the kind we have seen in France. You have cut our forces. Subs without nuclear weapons are no more ridiculous than aircraft carriers without aircraft, only Mr Corbyn’s plan is to have an alternative weapon on board those subs. May I ask you what you have on board those aircraft carriers instead of aircraft?

Wasn’t it Margaret Thatcher who refused to negotiate with terrorists in the form of the IRA? Wasn’t it negotiations that brought about peace and stopped the killing? I wonder how many deaths could have been avoided had Mrs Thatcher done the right thing and I can’t help wondering if Mr Corbyn has a point when talking of back door negotiations with Daesh. Fighting fire with fire just creates a bigger fire and haven’t we done enough damage in the Middle East already?

The ONE-time Tory voter learned not to trust the Conservatives as a young solider. He explained that he was “… ignorant of politics, all I knew was the Tories had promised the Forces a pay rise. We got a massive 11%, but then it was taken away in other ways, like raising food and accommodation, overseas allowance, field conditions, etc., until that 11% became 11p a week. Voted Labour since.”

Mr Wells is still in contact with former bandmates and soldiers – people he served with as a military musician in the UK and Germany. Although he is Secretary of State for Defence, Michael Fallon is not putting soldiers first according to Billy’s reply:

As an ex-soldier I see morale in the forces at an all-time low. A smaller armed forces and a poorly-equipped one at that. We are no longer a world power and I for one have had enough of our politicians voting to kill and putting our lives in danger. Bombing another country is not defending our shores – which is what our defence forces should be there for and no more.

It’s you the Conservatives I do not trust.

The email from Fallon also says. “It’s clearer than ever that Labour are a threat to our national and economic security. And with their candidates standing for election up and down the country this May, we need your help to stop them.”

That’s where the link for donations comes in.

While the party of millionaires asking for money is enough to make anyone angry – not very many of us go the full Robin Hood and tell it like it is:

You take from people like me then have the audacity to ask me to donate money to your cause. How much are you putting in out of your own pocket? I would sooner burn my money than support a heartless lying bunch of elitist privileged fools who have no idea what it is to struggle to feed, clothe and stay warm. Nothing this government has done has helped me. I had a nice little business but, thanks to the lie of austerity that both you and I know is only about shrinking the state, I am now struggling to keep a roof over my head. You are destroying the NHS, selling assets owned by me and other tax payers at knock down prices, stealing from the poor and giving to the wealthy. How dare you ask me to support the Conservatives.

The email, posted on Facebook (closed group) has made Billy a bit of a hero. One FB comrade in arms immediately re-blogged it (open access) and he gets a lot of love in the comments associated with his post.

Billy isn’t just armchair about his politics – he has set up a hardship fund to help those in extreme difficulties. He was prompted him to do so by seeing a woman and her children spend Christmas in extreme cold after her disabled son’s help was cut.

When people who are struggling still have the time and energy to help others, it makes Fallon (who used MPs expenses to make capital payments on his mortgage – overclaiming by over £8,000) look even more like a hollow puppet of the military industrial complex.

Fallon, whose CV includes an MA in Classics and Ancient History and time as Business Secretary and in the  Education department, is barely even qualified for the post as Secretary of State for Defence. People all over the country are waking up to the moral decay of the Tory party and the Conservatives had better get ready for the Billy Wellses of this world. There’s a lot more where that came from.

Get Involved!

– Billy’s chosen charity provides food aid in and around Manchester, he also supports the Trussell Trust

– He’s also a staunch defender of the NHS.

– Join groups like Left Wing and Proud to share the outrage and decide where the money they raise is needed.


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