The Rise of False Information

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This short film, produced by Jono Namara and Shelby Wilder, examines how waves of false information travel across the globe and how we might combat them.

Wilder says, “unreliable information is hurting the global effort to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic. A rise in false information has created the perfect storm for cybercrime and spread of harmful falsehoods. The spread of misinformation and disinformation during a health emergency hamper an effective public health response and create confusion and distrust among people. To combat this crisis, false information must be distinguished and categorised. It’s essential to understand the key terms in this fight.”

Find out more about the issues raised in the film in this article.

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    1. ‘A health emergency’ when more people in the UK have been dying of flu and pneumonia in recent weeks, and the official coronavirus death toll keeps being revised downwards now it suits the government for the crisis to be over (ie their oligarch cronies have profited)? I think some people need to look in the mirror.

    2. Very well put Tom74, couldn’t agree more.

      I have no doubt that there is a lot of so called fake news out there however, just like in history where the victors and perpetrators control the official version, the owners and people like Zuckerberg control their version of real news. we now have an internet that just like most of our lives is controlled by big corporations and politicians, they decide what is true, they decide what you can and can’t read about and they have the power to influence the society you live in. Trump didn’t win the election Cambridge
      Analytica did. You don’t decide what to read or watch, Google does (if you let it) and google will control your life for you if you don’t stop using it.

      I would like to decide for myself what is fake and what is real, not some algorithm, and in order to do that I need to have access to both sides of the argument not just the official one. The Julian Assange case is a perfect example. Here we have a case of a journalist and publisher being tortured and put on trial in a way that uncle joe Stalin would have been proud of and whose only crime was to publish the truth. So how many people in this country even know he is on trial ? How many people know the details of his case? Virtually none because the BBC and the rest of the gutter pond life scum that dare to call themselves news providers have been told/ordered to kill the story so the Yankee invaders can have their way.

      It’s only going to get worse and soon we will only be given the version approved by the algorithm and Zuckerberg etc welcome to 1984 my friends !

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