As Bezos wealth increases to $200 billion, we break down just how obscene an amount that is

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Jeff Bezos has become the first person in history to have a net worth of $200billion. But just how much is a billion? This video will take you on a jaw-dropping journey that shows just how obscene this kind of wealth inequality is.

Find out about three ways we could fix our broken economic system here.

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    1. What if internet retail and distribution is just better? (It is.) Are we just going to allow our economy to be dominated by a foreign global monopoly? Especially when it’s also providing the platform infrastructure?

      The market has failed. It’s not created a single competitor.

      Perhaps every nation will need to step up with a national, publicly-owned retail internet platform similar to Amazon/eBay that benefits the people of the nation.
      We’d be able to build green, use green distribution, treat labour fairly, benefit from economies of scale. Platform resources are basically unlimited, so there is no barrier to everyone having an account. And people could pay each other with a national public currency or ledger system. One could also use the platform to address the retail apocalypse caused by Amazon.

      We don’t want to go back to hopeless normality. We want a future

      1. Your right. Capitalism’s game is to have no competition when one looks at the facts. Its domination of the market which the public used to control against in order to foster competition, creating a healthier economy.
        This way the dreams in the value of captialism only happen when your dead, and can’t take your toys with you.
        Life only happens once one has gone to heaven, and begins thinking of what life could be like in another time.
        I don’t have any faith in this approach as having any value for humanity.

    2. Actually DRS he borrowed the money to start Amazon so he wasn’t that successful an entrepreneur before that and he was therefore just lucky. You live in a rhetorical reality that fabricates a past from the present. Corruption and materialistic gain is the playlist of many who use politics as a business. You worship Capitalism and salivate over the possibilty of great wealth and make claims that, simply, are not true. Tony B Liar is now significantly richer as a consequence of his political scheming and war crime. Many Ukanian MPs are living the high life after selling their soul to the Company man. Entrepreneur = gambler with other people’s money. Capitalism = imperial economics.

    3. The vital point is great wealth subverts democracy. The two are incompatible, which is why Trump is intent on destroying the latter. Hundreds of millions vote, but a few billionaires have more influence over government policy. The common folk believe in democracy but are bamboozled by the business-State-media nexus into believing without the super-rich the sky will fall in. Not only is $200bn obscene and absurd, $100 million is. No individual needs that much, and when that wealth is sucked out of the economy and rests in private hands, everyone is worse off in every way. As Covid rages who do we rely on? Richard Branson, Lord Sugar, Mark Zuckerberg? No, nurses on £30,000 a year. That’s what makes for a good society. The great money trick produces goons like Trump. Let’s dump it where it belongs and look after one another.

    4. It is preposterous that individuals can fund their own space programmes (though possibly worth it for Elon Musk’s ‘I’d like to die on Mars, but preferably not on impact’ remark); even if you take a relatively relaxed view of considerable wealth, it’s fair to assume that after – say – 50 million dollars, what you are looking at is essentially theft.

      But at least we know roughly the extent to which these goons have their hands in the till; don’t forget about the kleptocrats who use entire countries as personal piggy banks, and who make Bezos look like a makeweight. No-one knows what Trump is up to, but Putin is thought to have salted away some $300 billion in various bank accounts around the globe – WHAT FOR?

    5. All we can do is not use these companies. I for one check out prices on the Amazon site,then look at other retailers fo a price comparison. You may be surprised at the outcome, but even if slightly more in price I purchase from them rather than Amazon. Concur with OSN about the pending scary cashless society. Control and monitoring of our spending history and control at a press of a keyboard to destroy your way of life is just around the corner. But of course it will all be for our benifit, serfdom seems to be the end game.

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