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The extent of the attacks on the left is now horrifying

It looks like if you’re left-wing, you’d best prepare yourself for a dunk or a burning at the stake. Because the witch hunt against us all has stepped up a gear. 

Tribune Magazine is “fighting a legal case” which ‘threatens its future’. The Labour Party has banned socialist candidates from the Liverpool Mayor election. And Twitter has suspended left-wing accounts left, right, and centre. But all this is the thin end of the wedge. Because we’re under the greatest attack since the days of McCarthyism. 

The Tories recently appointed former Labour MP John Woodcock to head up a review into “countering violent extremism”. A preserve of the far right, you may think. Wrong. Because witchfinder general Woodcock will also be looking into the so-called far left. But his review comes at a time when the left wing in the UK is under attack from all sides.

Social media companies are deliberately censoring our news and views – while jumping into financial bed with the likes of Rupert Murdoch. Meanwhile, him and the rest of the establishment corporate media are tightening their grip on the narrative – being aided and abetted by the Tories parachuting their mates into top jobs. And if you want to protest about all this – tough luck.

The government brands groups like Extinction Rebellion “criminals”. Our right to protest is being lost as an increasingly authoritarian police force uses coronavirus rules to its advantage. Oh, and if you think lawyers will help you when you’re nicked – think again. Legal aid has gone, and those “lefty lawyers” are under attack themselves – simply for doing their jobs. But it’s OK! Because Generation Z will save us! Sorry. Wrong again.

Anti-capitalist teaching is not allowed in schools. The Tories are cancelling university ‘cancel culture’ by making sure free speech matters. But only if it’s their mates, of course. And if you think those slave trader statues will continue to topple – think again. Because the Tories are trying to stop that, too.

Journalist Tim Fenton called all this a “new McCarthyism”. But are we all now witches, being tried in a modern-day Salem? The truth is, the reality is probably far, far worse. And if we’re not careful, we’ll all soon be metaphorically burned at the stake. We have got a lot to fight – and to succeed, we need to ensure unity is the strongest weapon in our armoury. 

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