‘Go dumber!’ Tory members urge MPs voting on a new leader

Theresa May and Boris Johnson side-by-side
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Following two years of dreadfulness, Theresa May will soon be gone. She might be the worst prime minister ever. But who will replace her? If the Tory membership has its way, we’re going to double down on the dreadfulness and elect Boris fucking Johnson:

Dumber and dumberer

The public opinion of Boris Johnson is he’s a bumbling buffoon. The media’s take is he’s actually a political mastermind. The reality is, he’s an idiot who thinks he’s a genius pretending to be an idiot.

So how has he prospered?

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Well it’s a mystery, isn’t it – that despite his wealthy upbringing, and despite graduating from Oxford University – he’s gone on to be massively successful in politics – despite constant, constant fuck ups.

Some media types explain this by saying:

Although it seems like he’s blundering from one catastrophe to another, he’s actually constantly raising his profile. It’s very clever, really.

A guy we met on the street suggested:

He’s immune to failure because he’s an establishment wanker. If he worked at Tesco, he’d be out on his arse. Because he works in politics, the powers that be have rewarded him with a string of increasingly lucrative newspaper columns.

Surely something

Presumably, he has done something to warrant becoming PM, though, right? I mean – we can’t just elect an absolute fucking dolt because he really wants us to, can we?

Oh no – wait – we have done that before, actually – with like 95% of our prime ministers.

Featured image via Kuhlmann MSC – Wikimedia / World Economic Forum – Wikimedia

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    1. ‘Go dumber!’ Tory members urge MPs voting,
      on a new leader.
      The true “FACT” is now your Tory party in power
      Is coming to an end FULL STOP!
      WHY YOU ALL ASK?????
      Well for betraying us Millions of leave voter for one thing over a Full leaving of E.U. No strings attached,
      Your party Prime Minister promised us voters in 2016 failing as we are (still in E.U.) fully now.
      IN addition, your Tory Govt SCAM U-CREDIT mess you invented for benefit claimant that has been proven to kill people OFF plus is making a mass poverty mess of in low paid in working family’s now. This SCAM benefit should be SCRAPED FULL STOP.
      Remembering Tory party members including your voters this SCAM U-CREDIT is of your party making ONLY and of your party implementing as well,
      Without any impact assessment done before any of it was put into practises by your incompetent party Minister Plus M.P. the 2 problem here alone will cost your Tory party power at next G.E. or any local election held we free voter will see to removing you from power NO matter who is in charge of Tory party be it Ms May or Boris Tory power is coming to an end FULL STOP! just so you understand my post as a free voter
      With No ties to any party in power or out of power.
      My record of changing gout come of G.E. plus local area election is proven Tor party not make beleave O.K.
      1- in 2015 we help remove Labour for power DONE!
      2- in 2016 E.U. vote + removing of David Cameron as Prime Minister DONE!
      3- in 2017 G.E. help get a Hung Tory Govt DONE!
      4- in May 2018 + 2019 help remove local area Tory Cllr up and down the country DONE!
      So, we FREE voter do know what we are doing Tory Govt so your rain as party in power is numbered now no matter who in charge of your party Ms. May, Boris
      To get back in our FREE voter’s good books Tory party you will have to SCRAP FULLY the Tory SCAM U-CREDIT before any new G.E. is held.

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