A handmade poster at a bus stop is going viral and it’s the perfect way to defeat Boris Johnson

Poster at bus stop and Boris Johnson
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A handmade poster stuck up at a bus stop is going viral on social media. The poster shares a personal story about life under the Tories and implores people to “register to vote, and vote Labour”:

The idea is now taking off. #ToryStory is trending on Twitter. It’s a genius idea. Because so many of us have heartbreaking tales of the impact of nearly ten years of Conservative-led governments. And while the Conservative Party might have big social media budgets for targeted advertising, this is something all of us can do to speak to ordinary people in our communities.


Twitter user @Prolapsarian, who shared the original poster, shared their own story:

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And more and more stories started appearing:

Other people shared their stories on Twitter:

My #ToryStory

Anyone who’s not part of the wealthy Conservative establishment has a #Tory Story – so here’s mine:

Having been diagnosed with complex PTSD and fibromyalgia, I used to get Disability Living Allowance. Two years ago, I was reassessed for Personal Independence Payments. I scored two points and lost my benefits. I could have appealed. But the assessment process had a massive impact on my mental health, and I knew I couldn’t sustain my job and the stress of the appeals process.

Meanwhile, no help is available on the NHS. Mental health services have been slashed, and like many people I fall in the middle. My PTSD is too complex for the six weeks of cognitive behaviour therapy that’s offered. But I’m not in crisis enough to get help from mental health teams. So I’m just expected to somehow muddle through.

My son is nearly 16 and I’m genuinely terrified about the world he is facing. The safety nets I had at his age are gone. Soon he’ll have to decide whether it’s worth getting into ridiculous amounts of debt to pay university tuition fees. Either way, unless something changes, he’s going to be facing low wages and massive rents. And that’s without thinking about what happens if he’s not fit and healthy.

I’m not saying parliamentary politics is the answer to all our problems. But we have a real opportunity to build a better future. So register to vote, and vote Labour. And if you can’t do it for yourself – do it for all our children.

We have the power

Stories are powerful. And our stories are a power we all have. Tell them. This is DIY culture at its best. We don’t need expensive ads and media manipulation. We have paper, marker pens and tape, and we can reach people. Each and every one of us who the Tories have screwed over can get out there and tell these stories.

And it’s exactly campaigns like this that should have the Tories quaking. It’s something they can’t control, and it exposes the heartwrenching damage they have caused to people across the country.

Featured image via Twitter and Wikimedia/Velislav Nikolov

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    1. It’s no wonder these stories are going viral. The Tory mindset for the NHS is the same as what happened in the Clearances in the 1800’s. When these poor souls reached Canada being referred to by their aristocratic landlords as shiftless, lazy and so on to Cholera Bay in the St Lawrence river in Canada where they died. A British parliamentary when the select committee asked ” What had made the 5,300 occupants of the Cholera Bay cementary so tragically vulnerable to illness. The Canadian doctor Dr. George Douglas replied” In the first instance the distress, and the state of starvation in which the people embarked”
      The clearances of Scotland’s intent was remarked upon by James Loch advisor to Lord, and Lady Stafford whose properties in Sutherland were the most extensive in the UK “enabled the Highland proprietor to let his lands for quadruple the amount they ever before produced to him” Concluding ” the interests of the individual and the prosperity if the State went hand in hand”
      We are only talking about one meaning of the word individual here.
      The mindset of the Tory NHS is enduringly similiar in its treatment of people’s health, and well being. How the crofters 200 years ago arrived in such a state sad is of their own making of course.
      Now the Tory mindset is far more socially deceitful in dressing up what how they treat people, and are being prepared by Boris the Bad to be victims of the American Style Health care system.
      It’s so bizzarre how the Tories treat the democracy as if it didn’t exist. Their Brexit Baby for one.
      What a persistant mindset.
      An excellent book for reading is “A Dance called America” by James Hunter telling within it the story of the Clearances with the atitudes of the aristocracy of the times.

      George Gunn of the Scotsman

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