The spirit of MPs trying to stop Johnson’s coup is the one we should use to get the Tories out of power

MPs protest in parliament
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On 9 September, Boris Johnson succeeded in shutting parliament down for five weeks. But MPs didn’t take it lying down. And their passionate resistance shows the spirit we should all use to finally get the Tories out of power.

Several left-wing MPs tried to block speaker John Bercow into his seat in parliament in a symbolic protest against Johnson’s ‘prorogation’ process. They also held up signs saying ‘silenced’ to highlight the PM’s efforts to avoid scrutiny as the Brexit deadline approaches:


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There was also a visible scuffle between MPs during the protest.

Before performing his role in the prorogation, meanwhile, Bercow insisted:

This is not, however, a normal prorogation. It is not typical, it is not standard. It’s one of the longest for decades. And it represents, not just in the minds of many colleagues but huge numbers of people outside, an act of executive fiat.

We couldn’t stop Johnson’s coup. But we can defeat the Tories and “deliver a radical government”.

With parliament now suspended, though, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is not remaining silent. He is continuing to stress an important message: that we don’t just need to stop Johnson – we also need to defeat the Tories and the powerful elitist interests they protect.

As Labour chair Ian Lavery stressed, meanwhile:

The next General Election will be a once in a generation opportunity to change the direction of our country and build a fairer society.

And in the battle to change the country’s direction for the better, Corbyn’s team knows full well that “the establishment will come after us with all they’ve got”:

With the passionate spirit of people around the country (like the MPs who protested in parliament on 9 September), however, establishment forces will face their biggest challenge for decades. Because under a proudly left-wing leadership, Labour over the last three years has had its biggest membership since the 1970s. And as Corbyn said on 10 September:

We’re ready to unleash the biggest people-powered campaign we’ve ever seen in this country and in this movement.

In short, change is coming. And we all have a role to play in making that happen.

Featured image via YouTube – Channel 4 News

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    1. Yes, but some calm, strategic thinking is needed about how to get the best from the GE.
      Johnson will be more effective than May. He will go after the Leave vote in Labour seats, especially in the north. It will be dirty. The Tories will play antisemitism for all they can.
      Corbyn is very good on the stump. But he isn’t going to get 40% of the vote, unless something very unusual happens. The key has to be to hold onto every Labour seat. After that, to go for the most vulnerable Tory seats. If that sounds banal, it’s well to remember that there will have to be subtle changes of message from seat to seat.
      Corbyn must go hell for leather for his programme, ignoring Watson and his cohort who are trying to pull the Party towards more right-wing policies. Corbyn’s authenticity is his great strength. If he and his team confidently push the radical agenda they will appal the timid souls of Reigate, but inspire the rest.

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