Brexit has given us an unelected bureaucrat, who married into aristocracy, pulling the strings in Downing Street

Dominic Cummings
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Dominic Cummings is an unelected bureaucrat who’s described as “assistant to the prime minister”, with responsibilities for Brexit and domestic policy. He is clearly determined to see the UK leave the EU by the 31 October deadline. Though he’ll undoubtedly face a battle from the many MPs in Parliament who are vehemently opposed to no deal.

Many EU referendum voters who supported leave appeared to do so as a protest against ‘elites’.  But Cummings it seems, like prime minister Boris Johnson, is not exactly a ‘man of the people’.


Cummings is well connected, for he married into aristocracy.

Tom Peck, political sketch writer for the Independent, points out that Cummings’ father-in-law is Sir Humphry Wakefield, whose extended family includes “the 1st Viscount De L’Isle, the 1st Baron Howick of Glendale or the 5th Earl Grey” (whose ancestral home is Chillingham Castle).


As for Cummings’ boss, a no-deal Brexit is seemingly now his “central scenario” and according one diplomatic, “Even if EU gave up the backstop there is no alternative [to no-deal]”.

But there are a number of ideas by which a no-deal Brexit could be challenged. These include:

  • Cancel the autumn recess, to provide more time for MPs to consider blocking mechanisms.
  • Legislate for a second referendum to take place before October 31.
  • Legislate to repeal the Withdrawal Act.
  • Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn could call for (and win) a vote of no confidence against the Johnson government.
  • If after 14 days of the no confidence vote Johnson still cannot command the support of Parliament, then a caretaker government or national unity government can be formed.

Furthermore, if after a successful no confidence vote Johnson refused to step down, former attorney-general Dominic Grieve is adamant the Queen would intervene:

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Labour preference

As for Corbyn, he has made his intentions clear:

We will do everything to stop no-deal, including a no confidence vote at the appropriate… early time… Sorry, no-deal will be really serious. Serious for food prices, for medical supplies, for trade, for investment, and drive us straight into the hands of the sort of trade deal that Donald Trump wants to do with Boris Johnson.

In the event of a successful no confidence vote, Labour would opt for a general election on October 17, or a caretaker government led by Corbyn.


Meanwhile, one Conservative insider accuses Cummings of running a “reign of terror” at No 10. Moreover, according to a leak, Cummings has made it clear to ministerial aides that should any be found to be the source of a leak, then they “will be dead to me”.

Doubtless, the next few weeks will prove very interesting times.

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    1. Looks like the same techique since 2016. Ignore what ever you have to say, and cheat to accomplish the goal of No Deal Brexit. So what’s new in the opposition then to combat this?
      Nothing you do seems to have an effect.
      Just noticing.
      Also notice people are leaving the country, and voting with their feet.

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