Our Vision

A free and fair society where we nurture people and planet.

Our Mission

To achieve this, we deliver campaigning journalism that informs and empowers people to change their world.

Our Values

The Canary is progressive, open and rigorous. We work with respect, courage and generosity.


What is The Canary ?

Kerry-anne Mendoza, our Editor-in-Chief, teamed up with a group of extraordinary people to form The Canary in October 2015. With absolutely no financial backing or outside investment, we have rapidly built a brand new media outlet from scratch through determination in our progressive values, a vibrant team and engaging content.

We remain completely independent of any advertisers, funders, companies, political organisations, or political parties.

Today, a handful of powerful moguls control our mainstream media. As such, its coverage is largely conservative. But we have created a truly independent and viable alternative. One that isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo, to ask the hard questions, and to have an opinion. This has only been possible because of the amazing support from you – our readers.

The team at The Canary believes that a free, fair and fearless media is the bedrock of a functioning democracy, because for democracy to work, it requires informed consent from its citizens. We intend to help generate that informed consent by providing our readers with high-quality, well-researched and incisive journalism that holds power to account.

Our content focuses on news, ideas and key developments that impact democracy, equality, freedom and fairness.

Around 15 freelance writers are contributing daily articles to the site. Meet our team by clicking here.

The Future

We will be expanding our media output in 2018 by producing regular video interviews, news reports, and podcasts.

Democratising media creation is a central aim of The Canary. We will be developing a membership platform that allows our readers to decide on the areas we investigate. You will have a say in the media you see.

We will also channel revenue into an Investigative Journalism Fund. This will enable the kind of long-form, original, and investigative journalism that has become a rarity in the cash-strapped mainstream.

Our Business Model

The Canary has an innovative income share business model. As an organisation, we generate revenue through advertising and readers who feel that our journalism is valuable enough to support through monthly donations. So far so normal. Where we are disruptive, however, is in how we spend our revenue.

Here at The Canary, we believe in democracy and in rewarding the work of content creators who are ultimately the reason that you, the reader, are able to enjoy fresh and fearless journalism for free. As such, this is what we do with the money we generate:

  • First, we pay tax. We are based in the UK and are happy to contribute our share to develop a wonderful country, not without its problems of course.
  • Then we pay costs, which we keep below 10% of our gross revenue.
  • What is left is our net profit. We split this simply:
    • 45% to our writers.
    • 30% to our section editors, copy editors and sub-editor.
    • 25% to our leadership team.

Each writer and section editor is paid in two ways. Firstly, each and every article receives a flat-rate equal payment from our monthly income from supporters. So with each new supporter, the pay per article goes up for everyone every month. Secondly, each article receives a top-up payment based directly on the percentage of web traffic, and therefore advertising income, that articles generate during a given calendar month. It’s as simple as that.

This was the result of a unanimous vote we gave our writers on their pay model.

We also actively encourage all of our writers to join and be active in the National Union of Journalists.

How To Support Us

Please become a supporter. By providing us with a small contribution each month, you reduce our reliance on traditional advertising and directly help support independent campaigning journalism.

Much of our growth comes from word of mouth and social sharing. By spreading the word about The Canary (by liking, commenting and engaging in the community), you help make us sustainable.