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James writes for change (spare or otherwise). The Bristol regular has reported for The Canary since the media outlet began. Technology has brought incredible new opportunities for the way we can design our society. The US military is busy creating pinpoint laser sound to do lovely things like startling Muslim people with the word of god during warfare. But we could be using that technology to put on laser sound raves in the woods where you hear a different genre of music depending on where you stand. Or who's ear you point your lazer pen in. Indeed there could well be an exciting future ahead if we start dealing with climate change ASAP Rocky. That means massive public investment into both renewable energy and research and development with the aim of reducing our environmental impact. Then we can start 3D printing toasters and all kinds of exhilarating stuff. Aside from writing, James also loves hiphop, philosophy, festivals, plant-based dining, along with exploring countries, planets and economic systems.

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