Biden tops 270 electoral college votes to defeat Trump in US election

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Joe Biden has topped the 270 electoral college votes needed for victory over Donald Trump in the US presidential race.

The former vice-president was called as the winner of Pennsylvania on Saturday, meaning he has an insurmountable lead in the race for the White House.

Winning the vote in Wisconsin, Michigan and Arizona – three states that voted for Mr Trump in 2016 – opened up several pathways to the presidency for the Democratic candidate.

It was victory in Pennsylvania, some four days after polls closed that saw him over the line.

Mr Trump made a series of unsubstantiated allegations to claim he is being cheated out of re-election, while Mr Biden had called for calm as votes in key battleground states were counted well past November 3.

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A top election official had dismissed Mr Trump’s fresh claims of voter fraud as Mr Biden edged closer to victory.

Mr Trump posted a number of tweets on Saturday, alleging that “bad things” happened, referring to votes being “illegally received” and insisting he has won “by a lot”.

But Federal Election Commission commissioner Ellen Weintraub said there has been no evidence of voter fraud.

Speaking on CNN after Mr Trump’s string of tweets – which were flagged by Twitter as containing information about the election that may be “misleading” – Democrat Ms Weintraub said: “State and local officials, and poll workers throughout the country, really stepped up.

“And there have been very few complaints about how this election has run.

“Very few substantiated complaints, let me put it that way. There is no evidence of any kind of voter fraud.”

“There is no evidence of illegal votes being cast.

“In fact, and you don’t have to take my word for it because people throughout the country, nonpartisan election experts have come out and hailed this election and how it was run.

“If you want to look at the state of Pennsylvania, which the president seems to be focused on, Senator (Pat) Toomey has come out and said he has seen no evidence of fraud there.

“The Republican leader of the state senate there has also said he has seen no evidence of fraud.”

She added: “There really has been no evidence of fraud. None of the complaints have attached any evidence of fraud.

“Really, we should feel very proud of ourselves.”

Her comments came after Mr Trump wrote on Twitter that tens of thousands of votes were “illegally received” after 8pn on Tuesday “totally and easily changing the results in Pennsylvania and certain other razor thin states”.

Mr Trump said there will be a “big press conference” in Philadelphia on Saturday afternoon UK time, adding on Twitter: “I WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT!”

Twitter flagged this tweet, saying official sources may not have called the race when it was tweeted.

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    1. errm, Biden victory is just more fake news.
      There is no official winner until every legal vote is counted accurately, the states certify the results, and all legal challenges are resolved. This has not happened therefore nobody can currently claim victory.
      Just because mainstream media in the states all decided to ‘call it’ for Biden doesn’t make him the victor.
      There’s a legal process which is still running, which will ultimately decide who is president.
      And you don’t have to look far off the mainstream to find various examples of suspected fraud, like voter distribution anomolies, dead people voting, ballots having the postmark back dated, ballots being dumped and burned etc etc.
      You’re likely looking at early December a Supreme Court verdict on the evidence.

      1. “like voter distribution anomolies, dead people voting, ballots having the postmark back dated, ballots being dumped and burned”

        You must have some kind of godlike all-seeing eye to know all that for a fact?

        Fake news lol Former President Trump used to say that all the time when he was President Trump, which he isn’t anymore. Thank God.

        1. You don’t need an “all-seeing eye”, you just need to be aware of what’s being investigated. Its not fact until proven in a court of law. The legal process proving the evidence either way is commencing.
          Only when the legal process has completed can a winner be declared.
          Its not really that difficult to understand.

    2. For those who don’t possess an ‘all seeing eye’ in order to see possible voter fraud – here a twitter link to a signed affidavit from a Pennsylvania USPS (US postal service) whistleblower. This is currently in the hands of Lindsey Graham of the Senate Judiciary Commitee.
      https // twitter . com /JamesOKeefeIII/status/1325268253241913346

      1. Oh goodness gracious, the all-seeing eye thing really kicked you in the nuts didn’t it? Soz lol Wasn’t my intention.

        Oh, and it’s not really that difficult to understand that a dangerous far-right enabling crackpot is now history. What is difficult to understand, though, is why anybody would be unhappy about that. Dunno about you, but I see right-wing lunacy being on the decline as a good thing. Rejoice with the majority of the planet or be left behind and disgruntled with the minority on parler. Yay!

      1. The only thing i will miss about the former holder of the presidency is his astounding intelligence like injecting disinfectant to beat Covid, telling Americans of colour born in the USA to “go back where you came from” the list is endless. As for voter fraud it’s strange that it only happens when a dumb people stand for office. Seriously though, the only good thing about Trump was that he started no more wars, I’m a bit worried Biden might be more inclined to bomb the shit out of anyone as long as cash is the end result, so if I was Syrian, Iranian or even Russian, i think i would be digging my bunker right now.

      1. Also worth noting that for Bush v Gore, 3 of the lawyers on that case who swung it for the Republicans are now on the Supreme Court and likely to act in favour of Trump (Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh and John Roberts).

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