If we don’t take action, the UK could see ‘500,000 coronavirus cases per day next month’

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Chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty and chief scientific adviser Patrick Vallance used a press briefing to set out their growing worry over the spread of coronavirus in the UK.

Here are the key points from their 20-minute presentation from Downing Street on Monday:

– Vallance warned there could be 50,000 coronavirus cases per day next month, leading to 200-plus daily deaths, if the rate of the disease’s spread was not tackled.

– Less than 8% of the UK population are thought to have coronavirus antibodies to fight off infection, making the “vast majority” of people “susceptible” to the deadly virus.

– Whitty said there were now “significant rates of transmission” of coronavirus in the UK, with the “great majority” of areas facing an increase.

– The chief medical officer for England hinted at curbs to social lives being needed to prevent coronavirus spiralling out of control, saying “we have to break unnecessary links between households because that is the way in which this virus is transmitted”.

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Screen grab of the Government’s chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance (left) and chief medical officer Chris Whitty (right) (PA Video/AP)
Screen grab of the Government’s chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance (left) and chief medical officer Chris Whitty (right) (PA Video/AP)

– The UK, said Whitty, must face up to a “six-month problem” as the colder weather arrives, telling the nation: “At this point the seasons are against us, we’re now going into the seasons – late autumn and winter – which benefit respiratory viruses, and it is very likely they will benefit Covid, as they do, for example, flu.”

– The rise in Covid-19 cases among young people would “move up the age bands” to older people, who are more at risk of dying of coronavirus symptoms, Whitty warned.

– Whitty called for a collective effort to subdue the second wave of Covid, saying: “You cannot in an epidemic just take your own risk, unfortunately you’re taking a risk on behalf of everybody else.”

– There is a possibility that small amounts of vaccine could be made available to certain groups of people by the end of the year, according to Vallance.

– Whitty said there was a “very difficult balance” to be struck between preventing the NHS from being “overwhelmed by a huge spike” in cases and a second economic lockdown that could cause unemployment, poverty and deprivation, outcomes which would bring their own “long-term health effects”.

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    1. Meanwhile in the real world, many more people are dying from other causes, including from lockdown itself. But I guess there are no profits to Amazon, Google and Microsoft from giving people their freedom back, and Boris Johnson’s right-wing bosses are enjoying the golden opportunity to revert to type by keeping the lower orders down, so that corrupt incompetents like themselves stay in power.

      1. I agree. To date 41,825 have died. Many of them could have been prevented if Johnson had shielded “people 60+yrs or with health conditions like lung or heart disease, diabetes or conditions that affect their immune system” (World Health Org), (i.e. those that would have taken a flu jab) much earlier. However please put this into context, 45,000 people die from Sepsis every year in the UK. The “estimates” of those that “could” get COVID-19 (C-19) get more bizarre all the time. Even with the Johnson incompetents could only kill off 0.061% of the population, and this is probably an over-estimation.

        From government websites: Dementia and Alzheimer disease was the most common main pre-existing condition found among deaths involving COVID-19
        Young people who catch C-19 are unlikely to die because of it, yet pubs/nightclubs must close at 10pm, when they are mostly use by this age group. However churches (mostly used by the elderly) can stay open….mmm. Johnson and Starmer are thinking “Let’s kill off more of the elderly off”.

        Yesterday’s death toll: 37
        20 April’s death toll: 1,172
        Is this a “second wave”……NO, NO, NO.
        Will there be a “third wave”….Yes
        Will there be a “fourth wave”….Yes etc.

        The only one thing that I disagree with is that Johnson is a “corrupt incompetent”, okay he is, but the death tolls in the nursing homes was a deliberate act, not incompetence. The Welsh (Labour) and Scottish (SNP) governments have shown that they just as incompetent as Johnson. They will all be calling for a public inquiry to ensure that they don’t need to answer any “difficult” questions, well not until they leave politics years after the report is published, having spent £ millions on it.

    2. Almost astonishing perversion of the truth! New “cases” are not new infections. The PCR tests are completely useless and should be halted immediately. They are incapable of reliably detecting evidence of a Covid-19 infection. People who previously had viral infections like the flu developed resistance – and retained fragments of the viruses.

      The test cannot distinguish between those older viral fragments and any possible ‘new’ ones. That is the whole fraudulent basis for the alleged “spikes” and “second wave”. In reality, there is already a very high level of acquired immunity – as well as the natural immunity which people who take intelligent care of their health already have.

      From a recent article by Dr. Mike Yeadon which explains in detail why the PCR test is useless:

      “I have explained how a hopelessly-performing diagnostic test has been, and continues to be used, not for diagnosis of disease but, it seems, solely to create fear.

      This misuse of power must cease. All the above costs are on the ledger, too, when weighing up the residual risks to society from COVID-19 and the appropriate actions to take, if any. Whatever else happens, the test used in Pillar 2 must be immediately withdrawn as it provides no useful information. In the absence of vastly inflated case numbers arising from this test, the pandemic would be seen and felt to be almost over.”

    3. Why has the Canary become the mouthpiece for ludicrous government propaganda, and yet another media outlet terrifying everyone with bogus statistics based on modelling that is the laughing stock of the academic world, and lending its support to policies that are killing thousands (cancer delayed treatment – estimated 18,000) and destroying the future prospects of millions? Julia Hartley-Brewer and TalkRadio, ffs, are more enlightened than this site on this subject, and they’re a bunch of Conservatives. Hasn’t anyone at the Canary been following the grown up scientists, not the government stooges? People like Dr Sunetra Gupta, professor of theoretical epidemiology at Oxford, and barely rivalled in her sphere by anyone on the planet? Or Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, professor emeritus of medical microbiology at the Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, the most cited microbiologist in German medical history? Or Nobel laureate Michael Levitt, professor of structural biology at Stanford University?

      These people are finally being aired as more and more informed people begin to understand that they have been sold a pup. The Canary should stop selling it on the government’s behalf. Do some research, everyone else is.

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