‘Letter to Corbyn’ mesmerised us. Now, he’s responded.

Rapper Craft D and Jeremy Corbyn
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A tribute song to Jeremy Corbyn has officially entered the UK top 25 of the download charts. Its success shows several things – not least among them being the strength of public feeling towards the former Labour leader. And now, Corbyn himself has responded to the song.

Corbyn on Letter to Corbyn 

Poet and rapper Craft-D released his track Letter to Corbyn on 14 November. The track started life as a straight to social media upload. But as Letter to Corbyn quickly engaged people, Craft-D decided to release it as a single. It quickly topped the iTunes Hip Hop chart, and peaked at number 12 in the overall iTunes one. Previously, Craft-D told The Canary:

there have been floods of messages and replies of people who related to the song and the lyrics; feeling empowered and voiced.

He sent the lyrics through to Corbyn, who seemed to approve. Now, he’s said during a live event:

It was great, and thank you very much for the song and putting it together. I feel slightly embarrassed about it, because it includes me a lot in it. But think through the issues that are covered in that song: war, peace, environment, hope, unity, and what people can achieve together.

Since then things have quickly moved on.

Lighting up the charts

Letter to Corbyn has now hit number 24 in the UK’s official download chart:

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No mean feat at all. Letter to Corbyn‘s success is especially amazing because it has no record label behind it and no corporate PR machine publicising it. For a self-released title to do this well is quite something.

Of course, there’s another interesting aspect to be taken from Letter to Corbyn’s chart success. And it’s how the public feels about the former Labour leader.

Engaging thousands

Hitting number 24 in the charts is impressive in itself. Then, the Twitter video of the track has now had over 200,000 views:

On YouTube, there’s been over 12,000 views across the various versions of the track.


Ultimately, Craft-D is hopeful some good can be the end-result of Corbyn’s story, and that Letter to Corbyn will help this:

But I sincerely hope some unity can come from all of this, and that those who care about curing the ills of this shambolic and callous Tory government, helping our most vulnerable neighbours, combating racism and tackling the climate emergency, can find ways to come together to fight against the gross injustices being caused by the supremacy of a prejudiced few.

And Corbyn has echoed this sentiment. He said:

If we as a movement, I mean all of us as a movement, cannot unite people to challenge coronavirus; to deal with environmental destruction, to give people hope, security, and jobs for the future – then, what beckons in the corners, are the right-wing, the racists, the free-marketeers, and all the others. And so we have a responsibility to campaign as hard and long as we possibly can on all the issues of social justice.

Craft-D’s mesmerising song has empowered and cemented these ideas in musical form. It’s become a veritable anthem for 2020.

You can stream/download the track on your preferred platform here.

Watch Craft-D’s exclusive performance for The Canary:

Featured image via Radical Realm Recordings – YouTube and This Morning – YouTube

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    1. OK, well here’s one retired (usually) classical music lover who’s downloaded it, such is my admiration for Jeremy. I hope the song goes on to do better still. Thanks to Craft-D, thanks Canary for the article and thanks above all to Jeremy for what you continue to inspire in us.

        1. Music is an art form that manages to unite people from all walks of life. Dianes type are too small-minded and hateful to appreciate things like art and unity, so, with the exception of the Darth Vader imperial death march, there probably isn’t a song in existence that would be her/his/its song 😉

      1. Diane you always keep me entertained and as usual I remain impressed by your wisdom and intellect but then again I’m still impressed that your hero Boris can do 2 things at once, Lie and move his lips
        Ive downloaded the song and love it, my wife actually cried when she listened as she really believed that Jeremy was bringing hope and compassion to politics even when I forecast that the establishment would never allow a real socialist to take power and control. I forecast that he would be accused of some sex crime as is the weapon of choice for these things normally but being stupid I never saw the anti Semitic rubbish coming but with hindsight its brilliant. 99% of the electorate don’t know what it is and its one of those subjects you know is bad but not why.So in short D please keep your comments coming as my fingers need the keyboard exercise xx

    2. A perfect song for Boris Johnson and this government, would be Parasites by Jenny Talia. Slight change of words, as the original is for the Australian Government. Warning. Swear words in the song so if you get easily offended…Don’t listen…
      Jeremy Corbyn has been demonised deliberately. Free broadband for all doesn’t sound to bad now does it? Working from home as millions are.

    3. So pleased to see this and a slap in the face for Starmer and his mates!
      Lets see if BBC and MSM mention it! Still waiting for them to mention the Leaked
      Labour Report! Do they not realise, their silence, exposes their corruption?

    4. Kier Starmer is an Israeli and UK Establishment plant. He’s as kosher as a police spy, a piece of cheap LINO (Labour In Name Only), a fake politician. He’s there to disrupt the Labour Party, not to lead it for the British socialist workers. He’s as legit as Trumpashenko is a liberal.

      I’ve been saying for months that Britain needs a real socialist party. It’s time the membership left and created a “Real Labour” party, led by Jeremy, supported by all the ‘independent’ MPs that resign the LP over the sham leadership situation.

      Tony B’Liar pulled “New Labour” too far to the right of center. Jeremy tried to drag it back and ran into the Zionistas, the fake Britons carrying Israeli passports. Starmer is a plant. Benny Nutty Yahoo must be loving this.

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