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This week’s letters

This week we have people’s thoughts on the Canary‘s coverage of trans rights. 

The Canary‘s coverage of trans rights

Thank you for providing good quality reporting on transgender news items, mostly by Alex/Rose Cocker. Recently, they have become the personal target of deeply hateful comments below their reports. These long diatribes are, it seems, being organised by the right-wing hate group LGB Alliance and repeat the same old myths and lies about trans people and especially about trans feminine people.

I’d just like to express how loathsome this far-right inspired group and its beliefs are to ordinary, working class people. It’s right that you keep publishing those comments, as they show the obsessive hatred that motivates the trans-exclusionary groups. You have my sympathy for the feelings those comments must arouse in you, but please keep on writing. Don’t stop because of the haters.

With good wishes,

Rebecca, via email

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    1. I am deeply concerned about the misinformation in the canary concerning the Trans rights issue, especially from Alex Rose Cocker. What is more concerning is the deletion of a comment on one of his recent articles, correcting the much of the misinformation. I will be withdrawing my financial contribution to canary. I have considered this for sometime but the final straw was the deletion of the comment.
      I am also concerned about the arrogant attitude toward racism expressed by the canary, especially by Steve Topple.
      It appears that the Canary is indulging in the same “woke” identity politics that middle of the road politicians use to look progressive while ignoring growing wealth divides, which also help to keep the working class divided.

      1. Perhaps you would explain what you mean by “misinformation… concerning the trans rights issue…”. Canary has been subjected to an anti-trans rights campaign organised by the hate group LGB Alliance, using misinformation and peddling myths about trans people. This campaign is aimed at making trans people appear to be a threat to women, which of course is untrue, and to divert attention from the harms that capitalism is continuing to wreak on the lives of all working class people of whatever gender. Canary is doing a good job in this area, and socialists need to support it.

    2. I know I said I wouldn’t comment again, and I’m sticking to that, but I feel I have to reply to comments made about me personally.

      Both Rebecca in the letters and Airlane1979 allege that my comments were made as part of “an anti-trans rights campaign organised by the hate group LGB Alliance, using misinformation and peddling myths about trans people”

      In reverse order:

      Nothing I said was misinformation or myths as Airlane1979 knows full well. Given chance after chance to refute anything I said, they were incapable of doing so. Instead, they resorted to ad hominem attacks, like they did here, accusing me of being part of a far right conspiracy. No evidence AT ALL was offered in support of this, nor could any be so offered as it’s not true. Nor is the characterisation of the LGBAlliance as a “hate group” in any way accurate. As Airlane1979 knows full well there is also absolutely no evidence of this either and it exists only as a deeply felt wish on their behalf – they want the LGBAlliance to be a “hate group”. Otherwise, they’re the bad guys. As they are. Wanting a group to be far right should be proof of this.

      In a similar vein, I was posting my comments entirely of my own volition, responding to the horseshit the Canary was (and still is) printing. I wasn’t contacted by The LGBAlliance’s Secret Propaganda Arm, with orders to post comments on the Canary website exposing their horseshit. Despite what both Rebecca and Airlane1979 seem to think, I and many others are quite capable of recognising horseshit on our own, and quite capable of responding to it on our own also. We don’t need to be given orders by a Terf version of the Hasbara. Nor, to the best of my knowledge, have the LGBAlliance organised such a thing. If either Rachel of Airlane1979 have any, you know, actual proof of this, I ask them to post it. Lets see the receipts. That or admit that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

      I note from the comment above that you’ve lost another supporter by your censorship of comments that go against the Party Line. You can probably assume that for each person who loudly says he’s leaving, 10 more do so quietly. Like I said, if we wanted censorship of dissenting views, we’d still be in the Labour Party.

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