Man who endorsed ‘Trump University’ endorses Boris Johnson

Donald Trump and Boris Johnson
John Shafthauer

Boris Johnson enjoys the support of some interesting characters. He’s recently won the backing of the man who promoted ‘Trump University’ – an establishment that was to education what Donald Trump is to presidenting.

Trump, Trump it up

President Trump is known for throwing his weight behind many infamous ventures. In the past he’s supported:

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  • Trump Titanic.
  • Trump Asbestos.
  • Trump Eldorado.

Speaking about the endorsement, Johnson said:

I think it’s fan-fibbling-tastic, actually. People will look at the Trump presidency and be assured that they’ll get more of the same from me.

Trump himself said:

Boris is going to make a great tsar – truly.

When it was explained that ‘Boris’ just had a somewhat Russian-sounding name, Trump added:


Barrel bottom

Of course, an endorsement from Trump doesn’t necessarily mean a candidate would be a disastrous PM. It does mean that 99.9% of the time, obviously – especially when a politician has a political record as woeful as Johnson’s.

In ordinary circumstances, the approval of such an unfavourable figure might have worked against him. Not in this instance, however, as the next PM of Great Britain will be picked by the handful of weirdoes who still pay Tory membership fees.

Featured image via The White House – Wikimedia

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    1. Man who endorsed ‘Trump University’ endorses Boris Johnson
      Not supersized to see the 2 business men getting on remembering Boris
      of U.S.A. blood line Not a true Full British subject.
      If Boris get the job as P.M. will Trump deal with him yes or no?
      I think he will not he will enforce big tariffs of the U.K. be us in E.U. or not
      If Boris get the P.M. job he will have to willy wave with Trump for deals,
      this is where the True deals will be made or lost for U.K. residents.
      So Tory Govt if you do not wish another failing party member as P.M. like.
      1 – David Cameron (he did a runner)
      2 -Ms May that couldn’t deal at all with anybody a true fact!
      3 -Boris that can deal but only if he get something out of the deal personaly
      He being a U.S.A. passport holder could not take British people into account when dealing with over country like U.S./China/Pakistan/India/and over countries within the E.U outer area.
      So pick wisely all you Tory party memebr as the new P.M. could flush your party down the toilet and out to sea without a paddle at any new G.E. time that possible could be HELD in NOV 2019 Now?

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