Johnson denies hiring extra police because society could collapse within months

Boris Johnson saying: "It may be more like weeks"
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For years now, the Tories have been cutting police numbers while simultaneously creating the sort of horror-society that leads to more crime. While the former is what we should aim for, it doesn’t really work when you do it alongside the latter.

Boris Johnson is planning to hire lots more police. He’s also planning to ramp up the horror-society conditions we’ve been living through.

The big question is why?

Sorry, not why. The big question is when?

When is Johnson expecting society to collapse?

As it turns out, it’s within weeks.

Still upper twit

As Johnson himself explained:

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If Britain got through World War II, we can certainly survive no-deal Brexit. We just need to go onto a war footing. That’s why we’re thinking of the public as the equivalent of the Nazis and the police as the plucky British army.

We’re actually thinking about re-commissioning the spitfire to replace all those water cannons I bought then never used. There’s nothing like a good blitzkrieg to bring people together.

Fuzzy thinking

Theresa May’s attempts to move towards a police state were always thwarted by her own stinginess. Johnson is at least smart enough to realise that a police state requires – and this should be obvious – police.

Hopefully, the public realises that they can vote for someone else as soon as there’s another election.

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    1. Johnson ought ponder two facts.

      First, it takes months to train a police officer for for basic duties.

      Second, neither the police nor the military should be relied upon to offer support to a government intent upon leading the UK into mayhem. It’s becoming obvious to ever more people that Johnson and his cronies are narcissistic carpetbaggers intent on feathering their own nests from Brexit. Police and military are more likely to identify with mobs they are called upon to quell than with effete prats and their tame oik ‘Gav’ Williamson.

      Given that prisons are full beyond capacity one assumes Johnson is putting into operation a contingency plan for prison camps to house rioters and internment camps for potential trouble makers (i.e. independent thinkers). Internees can be housed in the traditional location of the Isle of Man. Mainland prison camps will require armed guards. Unless, Johnson intends to recruit guards from the most psychopathic element of the military he may find them siding with their charges.

      Doubtless, Johnson has jet planes primed for hasty exit along with his despicable colleagues plus a few other undesirables such as Andrew Windsor, ‘Lord’ Sugar, and ‘Lord’ Ashcroft.

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