The most vile anti-Corbyn front page yet just flopped, big time

Jeremy Corbyn and newspapers
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The Jewish Telegraph has published perhaps the most vile front-page attack on Jeremy Corbyn yet. Because the story has some serious holes when compared to the very report it’s referencing.

The Community and Security Trust (CST) reported on antisemitic incidents in the UK from January to June 2019. It recorded a total of 892 incidents of antisemitism including an alarming 85 cases involving assault against Jewish people, an increase of 37%.


But the Jewish Telegraph decided to blame the rise of antisemtism on the Labour Party. And its framing of antisemitic graffiti next to a headline blaming Labour for the rise in antisemitism potentially leads readers to the interpretation that Corbyn’s party is somehow responsible for the vile tag:


The Jewish Telegraph appears to be using a serious piece of antisemitic graffiti as a political bludgeon to hit Corbyn with. Because the CST made no reference to the Labour Party when documenting that incident.

The Canary contacted the Jewish Telegraph for comment, but received no response by the time of publication.

Forget the facts, blame Corbyn

But the issues with political and media coverage of the CST’s latest report don’t stop there. Many in the media chose to focus on incidents in the report that were “related” to Labour and antisemitism.

For instance, Marie van der Zyl, president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews (BoD), said in the Guardian:

This makes shameful reading for the party’s leadership. They must finally take the steps required to rid their party of this appalling racism.

And a Jewish Chronicle (JC) editorial stated:

These CST figures are Jeremy Corbyn’s legacy. They are the legacy of the most dangerous racist in British politics — a man whose toxic views and behaviour pose a far greater threat to ethnic minorities than the National Front or the BNP ever managed. The figures should shame Mr Corbyn.

The actual report

This rhetoric is a world apart from the report itself. In fact, CST told The Canary that “any suggestion” that the report refers to any Labour members or representatives is “entirely misleading and irresponsible”.

Over the six months, CST recorded 100 incidents “related” to the Labour and antisemitism media controversy. That’s out of 892 total incidents.

But in an email to The Canary, CST clarified that doesn’t mean the incidents were perpetrated by people even “linked” to the Labour Party:

Other than the one fully justified passing reference on p.11 to “support”, the report does not refer to Labour “supporters” or “members”, nor does it say that antisemitic incident perpetrators “represent the party”, nor does it say that the perpetrators are “linked” to the party.

So even though people were reporting antisemitic incidents to the CST over a six-month period, no Labour members were implicated in the report. And only “some” of the alleged perpetrators had expressed some form of “support for Labour”, CST clarified to The Canary.

“Undermines the crucial struggle against all racism”

Executive director of Corruption Watch Andrew Feinstein told The Canary:

There are two things: First, it is essential to put the unacceptable rise in antisemitism in context: Islamophobia and other racism is on the rise in the UK. In my opinion, this is is the consequence of the mainstreaming of racist attitudes by politicians including Trump, Farage and Johnson. Their rise to power and /or prominence is mainstreaming racism, which is disgusting. Second, to blame the most consistently anti-racist politician in the UK [Corbyn] for the rise in AS, especially in the light of the polling in 2015/ 2017 which suggests Labour Party members are amongst the least antisemitic, is not just absurd and disingenuous, but reflects how antisemitism has been weaponised against him because of his anti-establishment politics. It is his criticism of Israel that is regarded as unacceptable, which is ridiculous as criticism of Israel’s brutal and illegal occupation is not antisemitism. This targeting of a lifelong anti-racist actually undermines the crucial struggle against all racism, antisemitism included.

Feinstein’s mother was a Holocaust survivor who lost 39 family members in Nazi concentration camps. He pointed out that pollsters have contradicted the narrative that Labour is antisemitic. For example, YouGov showed the percentage of Labour supporters agreeing with antisemitic statements actually fell by 8% from 2015-17.

In this debate, opposition to political Zionism is regularly confused with antisemitism. Even though opposing the apartheid Israeli state and its colonial practices is the right thing to do. At the same time, anyone holding Jewish people collectively responsible for the Israeli government is wrong and racist. And they must always be challenged.

No wonder academics at the Media Reform Coalition found reporting on Labour and antisemitism to be a “disinformation paradigm”. The Jewish Telegraph and the likes have pushed their anti-Corbyn propaganda too far. They’re only damaging their own reputations.

Featured image via John Ranson for The Canary and KTLA 5/ YouTube

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    1. In their attacks on Corbyn, the Jewish press represents the establishment, not the Jewish people. I have thought for some time that the misleading articles they push might at some point cause the very problems that they accuse others of generating.
      The reassuring thing is that having tried many other methods of demonising Corbyn, all the establishment has left is nebulous smears and innuendo, an encouraging sign for the next elections.

    2. IHRA (International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance) definition of antisemitism.
      Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.

      “Jewish and non-Jewish individuals” comprise all people.
      This definition of Antisemitism contains no definition of Semite – to include or exclude Palestinians, Ethiopian Jews, Ashkenazis, converts. If Semite is used as a synonym or euphemism for Jew, then ‘semitism’, ‘semite’, ‘semitic’ can be removed as tautological, and replaced by ‘Jewishness’, ‘Jew’, Jewish’. If not, then this Definition can’t be used to determine guilt unless an inclusive/exclusive definition of Semite is included.

      This definition of antisemitism allows conviction by accusation, as with Catholic Inquisitorial dealings with heresy and witchcraft. It also allows guilt by association: if a person can be associated by location or context with an incident or person deemed heretical or antisemitic, then they are heretics or anti-semites. In both cases the offences are against authoritative orthodoxy – correct belief – in the canons of Christianity or Judaism, as set forth by its political hierarchs.

      “Perception” can’t be objectively established, especially if the agent of perception isn’t specified – accused or accuser, perpetrator or victim.

      Different protocols of investigation and determination are not proposed for rhetorical [discursive] and physical [actual] antisemitism. Pictorial representation isn’t included, unless the definition classes it as rhetorical by allusion.

      There is no definition or reference to Semitism. If Semitism is undefined or undefinable, then so is Antisemitism, and so can’t be used in any hearing to determine the validity of allegations of it.

      An example of Semitism (using the rubric of Examples in the Definition of Antisemitism) might be a Jew or non-Jew using this Definition of Antisemitism to accuse a named person or organisation, Jewish or non-Jewish, of inferential Antisemitism on behalf of unspecified, imaginary or generally stereotyped Semites. So the Jewish Telegraph can be described as exhibiting Semitism in this sense. So can Margaret Hodge and those complicit with her in Labour Friends of Israel and other groups.

      Please could people offer workable definitions of Semitism.

    3. My goodness, this is really disturbing actually. It seems they have so severely and persistently distorted their information in regards to Corbyn they appear to actually believe it. I should think, if there is a rise in anti-Semitism as alleged, it has far more to do with the Israeli Government’s conduct towards the Palestinians (brilliantly summarised by Mate) and also, the BoD’s persistent, malicious, untruthful campaign against Corbyn and the Labour Party. Cheap stunts such as these have no place in our politics.

      If the BoD fear a Corbyn Government so much because they seem to believe it would somehow damage the interests of the Israeli Government internationally, then the decent thing to do is to just come straight out and say that is why they oppose him. This vicious, malicious campaign against Labour has no foundation in either fact or evidence. So, BoD, Jewish Telegraph and other Jewish Newspapers, if you don’t like Corbyn then just come right out and say so – or is the truth too much for you?

    4. Like the Murdoch press and other reactionary rags the Jewish Telegraph and similar publications are no longer newspapers but have become hate-sheets. It doesn’t turn Corbyn supporters against him, they know it’s all lies; it merely fires up the hatred amongst those who already hate him, making every day of their lives a resentful, bile-filled painful existence. It can’t be healthy. And they do it to themselves only.

    5. On avoiding the pathway to Hell

      Control over thought is becoming such that only bona fide members of a supposedly maltreated minority are permitted to express an opinion about how some people in that minority behave or to question beliefs promulgated by vocal self-styled representatives of the minority.

      Two notable present day topics requiring treading on eggshells are matters Zionist and matters LGBTxyz. Only the brave venture criticism and dare question assumptions in those walled gardens of certitude.

      Apparently, even some Jewish people, those possessing the ultimate credential of family members persecuted by Nazis, are silenced when they make comparison of their kinfolk’s treatment to that of Palestinians by a government driven by militant Zionism.

      Sadly, constant harping on about antisemitism is nurturing a self-fulfilling prophecy. Not only must genuine antisemitism, that preaching hatred, be stamped upon but also people styling themselves Jewish (religious and/or by culture) must raise voices in protest against loud mouthed bigots drawn from their own communities intent upon justifying loathsome behaviour by the state of Israel and sowing political discord in the UK.

      Perhaps the most ill-behaved actors in this drama constructed from fantasy are those with no connection to Judaism or, by inheritance, to Jewish culture. These are individuals motivated by financial self-interest arising from an extreme neo-liberal Brexit and also desperate to keep the lucrative arms exporting status quo in the Middle East. The are drawn heavily from the new breed of Conservative MP that having ditched some admirable values once associated with conservatism are on the make on behalf of themselves and hidden backers who in effect own them. The ‘duck house’ and ‘moat’ scandals of some years ago were merely fiddling small change from expense claims compared to what’s going on now.

      Accolade for the very worst of these manipulative creatures is reserved for the still influential remnant of ‘New Labour’ Blairites. They renounced all pretence at socialism and a mixed economy to follow Blair in taking neo-liberal doctrine introduced by Mrs Thatcher towards its apogee in Ayn Rand type dystopia. They laid the ground for the 2008/9 financial crash, for obscene concentration of wealth, for ‘austerity’ and for the anticipated next, much more devastating, crash (possibly a pre-bloody-revolution event).

      These Labour apostates fear a government led by Mr Corbyn for exactly the same reasons as the nastiest, Johnson led, element of the Conservative party. They are happy to do their bit in the battle for reintroduction of serfdom; what they fail to grasp is they too, along with all Johnson’s chums, are earmaked for serfdom.

      Possession, or anticipation, of tens, even hundreds, of millions of pounds sterling does not stave off eventual serfdom. What once was regarded as considerable wealth is as nought, with respect to influence, power, and capacity to generate more wealth, compared to individual and corporate wealth measured in units of the billion. Loss of status and power will happen gradually. Possession of relatively high wealth compared to most others will cushion decline in comforts. Yet that wealth cannot grow at remotely the same pace as aggregates in billions. ‘De-gentrification’ shall occur within one or two generations.

      These foolish people think they can sup with the Devil: Satan unleashed by neo-liberalism and feeding from the basest of human desires.

      The only possible hope for Labour putting forth a credible platform before it is too late rests with immediate purge of ‘Blairite’ influence. Changes to constituency rules on candidate selection will help if the mass of new members attracted by Mr Corbyn step in. Labour must eschew nonsense arousing hostility in the electorate such as ‘all women’, ‘all minority’, or, God help us, all ‘LBGTxyz’, short lists. Supporters of minorities do not add up to a majority.


      Released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 international license.

    6. Just looked up CST. Delighted to find the bastion of truth and honour Mr Gerald Ronson heads up this charity. In May 2014 the chief exec of CTS was the highest paid executive within the British Jewish community, earning between £170,000-£190,000 per annum. Professor Geoffrey Alderman, argued against the CST on the grounds that its leadership and funding were neither transparent nor accountable. (Pasted from wiki) An absolute delight to see Mr Ronson made a miraculous recovery from the suspected Alzheimer’s that reduced his prison sentance by a half.

    7. Look to America, and its dark military designs for the world in influencing this smear campaign on Corbyn by the Jewish Times. The military who is beyond anyone’s vote is well financed to sustain a smear campaign against people deciding a future they want to see in the world. I think this conspiracy against democracy will slowly reveal itself if you pay attention to what America does in the world beyond the UK border.

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