Forget Murdoch’s ‘scoop’ on Corbyn’s legacy. A video sums it up perfectly.

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Hopefully you don’t read Rupert Murdoch’s broadsheet rag the Sunday Times. But if you do, you may have seen a ‘plot’ by Jeremy Corbyn to continue his “socialist” legacy. But don’t worry. There’s a perfect antidote to this right-wing drivel. It’s a video showing what people will really remember the Labour leader for. And it’s already clocked up over 250,000 views.

Corbyn: red under the bed?

“SCOOP” screamed Sunday Times journalist Gabriel Pogrund on Twitter. This was because he’d leaked Corbyn’s “plans” to “embed” a socialist legacy in Labour. What a supervillain mastermind Jeremy is:

But at the same time, prominent campaigner Rachael Swindon produced a video short. It essentially shows some of Corbyn’s ‘best bits’ over the years:

A terrifying video if you’re a Murdoch journalist.

Back to Corbyn’s socialist masterplan, and the Sunday Times wrote how the details of the plans were even scarier. But only if you’re a right-wing capitalist billionaire who enjoys avoiding tax.


Pogrund bleated that Corbyn was trying to “embed” his legacy to make sure his:

radical politics are locked into Labour’s future

OMG! But the commie horror story continued:

critics said the plan showed Corbyn was working to help Rebecca Long Bailey

Hold. The. Front. Page. Swindon was clearly mistaken in her film, where she showed Corbyn’s brimming solidarity with others. Nope. It’s just a Machiavellian plot! But worse than that:

Corbyn is also planning to hold an event with children who have taken part in ‘youth strikes’ for climate change… led by Sweden’s Greta Thunberg, a heroine of Extinction Rebellion.

CHILDREN? Swindon’s video showed Corbyn with children! He must be planning to eat them with some fava beans and a nice Chianti! Then, Pogrund said:

The plans highlight how Corbyn will fight to preserve his left-wing legacy after stepping down, having led Labour to its worst electoral defeat since 1935.

It clearly forgot that in 2017, Corbyn also led Labour to one of its best election results, in terms of vote share increase, in history. But never mind. The hit piece was clearly a targeted attack on Corbyn and his support base in the membership. But it was also a pointed dig at Long-Bailey.

Twitter: infested with commies, clearly

People were suitably unimpressed with the Sunday Times:

Someone else made a fair comment:

Hopefully, many readers felt like this:

But fear not. If you want something to warm your socialist cockles and give a gorgeous reflection on Corbyn’s real legacy to boot, Swindon’s video is perfect.

Corbyn’s real legacy

The film clearly struck a chord. The film had clocked up over 292,000 views by 6.00pm on Sunday 26 January. It’s easy to see why. Because behind the pacifism, passion, and progressive policies, the video shows a man who oozes kindness and empathy out of every pore.

That’s Corbyn’s real legacy to both Labour and politics overall; however much Murdoch’s gutter-dwelling shitrag would have you believe otherwise.

Featured image via Ryan Weir – YouTube and Chris McAndrew – Wikimedia 

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