Viral ‘lifelong Labour voter’ joining Lib Dems is a former Murdoch hack who hates Corbyn

Liz Jarvis
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“Lifelong Labour voter” Liz Jarvis wrote a widely-shared Independent article announcing she’s joined the Lib Dems over Jeremy Corbyn not coming out for a second referendum. But Jarvis spent over seven years working for Rupert Murdoch’s News International and has long been concerned about what she calls the “disastrous Corbyn experiment”.

As blogger Tom Pride pointed out, Jarvis has also briefly written for the Sun and the Express. In 2017, the journalist touted Blairite Chuka Umunna as Labour’s “best hope” for leader, calling him a “charismatic, dynamic, likeable statesman”.

“Disgruntled Labour supporters”

Beginning her personal piece, Jarvis declares:

there has been a steady drumbeat from disgruntled Labour supporters looking to the Lib Dems over the past fortnight.

Jarvis’s lifestyle and background shine a new light on that statement. She is currently an editor of a luxury magazine for cruise holidays. No doubt the home of many “disgruntled Labour supporters”.

On 19 December, Lancaster University published research calling Conservative-led austerity “social murder” that leads to an increase in malnutrition, suicide and homelessness. During the five-year Coalition government, the Lib Dems enabled the spending cuts that academics from Lancaster to Oxford have linked to a huge increase in deaths. Still, Jarvis has no problem switching to the party.

At Murdoch’s News International, Jarvis was a travel editor, feature writer, associate editor, and contributing editor between 1992 and 2008. She was unavailable for comment.

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The Lib Dem revival myth

In her Independent article, Jarvis called the number of people supposedly leaving Labour for the Lib Dems a “Lexit”. But the Lib Dems ended 2018 polling at 6%, lower than the vote share they received in the 2017 election. So it’s unclear who exactly is involved in the alleged Labour exodus.

Tom Pride, who originally looked into Jarvis, was far from impressed:

Out of touch

It’s not just Jarvis who appears out of touch. Labour lord Andrew Adonis tweeted the following on Christmas Eve:

But given the roots of Brexit, a skiing analogy may not be the best approach. Comprehensive academic research suggests the referendum result was fundamentally a working-class vote of no confidence against the free-market system championed by Tony Blair, the Conservatives and the EU – a system of spiralling inequality that means one million children were at risk of going hungry over Christmas. With that in mind, Adonis and his skiing analogies are about as tone-deaf as moon-walking into a funeral and setting off party poppers.


Forget about the “disgruntled Labour supporters” suffering under austerity. What about those tweeting from their all-inclusive cruise holiday? Or those lamenting about Brexit while skiing in Austria on Christmas Eve?

Make sure you get your priorities in order. And pronto.

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    1. So you have to be a Corbyn lover to be real Labour/socialist ? Labour reduced to a narrow school of thought and all else is heresy.

      My biggest issue with her is she should have stayed and fought for the Labour party she wants. A Labour party serious about governing and being able to realise moving people left is not going to come from a big,quick shove.

    2. Reading social media there is a great deal of discontent regarding JC’s leadership. He is being totally intransigent over Brexit and remainers are leaving. You are doing him a disservice is castigating criticism. As things stand he desperately wants to get into NO.10 but it won’t happen currently. Even the appalling May is doing better in the polls. Use your influence on him

    3. well Tory light member within Labour party hiding in LIB-DEM party
      she will not be missed one bit now by Labour
      also this SPY lady will NOT be missed in any other party.
      for Lib dems is she cannot be trusted at all now
      as she is a information gaver for Tory Ms May that is why
      she has moved to your party
      (she was locked out of information)
      within the Labour party so now looking into your party.
      Lib -dem just remember she will have a vote on Ms May,
      C*** Withdrawal bill now under LIB dem colours not Labour
      will she vote the way you tell her to do so (“I believe NOT!)
      As she is a Tory light member of your party now lib-dem
      SHE will vote YES to Ms Mays C*** bill and your party will
      get the lib-dem voter at your throught over her vote
      as your party wisher a new vote on E.U. mess
      Tory do not wish a new vote and her vote will count
      as a lib-dem yes vote remember that lib -dem
      leader she is a spy for Tory Govt ONLY within your party
      NOT Labour now. (keep an eye on her)

    4. And before reply start coming
      “I will inform you Tory member “I am a free
      voter no ties to any party in power or out of power
      “I also pay No fee to any parties.
      We free voters have a good record of changing
      OF changing any G.E. or by election out.
      bit of our records here below
      R/1 Labour out of power 2015
      R/2 HUNG Tory Govt in 2017
      R/3 Help on leave vote on E.U. 2016
      R/4 Got shut off David Cameron
      R/5 LET Tory Cllr win in our area of Pendle Lancashire
      so we could have them all in one BASKET it worked
      very well they run our area now.
      But as a resolute are now fully accountable
      to us residents plus free voter and area as well
      and at hand on Pendle Borough council for us see
      plus can call in at any time to their Officers in Nelson
      Lancashire to see them on matter now.
      They cannot hide away now doing nothing now.

    5. Clearly there was definite unresolved issues with the EU, I think other members are struggling with as well.
      Note France’s riots.
      Working from within will be more successful than from the outsdie with Brexit if any talent to talk to one another is still there.
      Yet two years since the vote I haven’t seen any meaningful dialogue about the issues, and to see Nigel LaFarge in the EU for 17 years, and do nothing explains his imagination.
      Just to mention Brexit is like coming into an outbreak of Mad Cow disease, and this time the cow isn’t taking the blame. Being highly infectious…… soon all conversation repeats what has already been said before endlessly.
      Poor brain having to listen to this,
      You have to give the Irish credit for not even considering a hard border, recognising the suffering it caused enforced from ghost leaders mimicing the pretense of being alive.
      Corbyn has to listen to his group for guidance , and he may have the courage to do so unlike many other leaders I’ve observed. He is only a leader to represent the judgement of the group, and is not there to fufill the fantasy of what a God is for you.


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