An epic Twitter thread destroys Piers Morgan’s claim that 17 million people voted for ‘no deal’

Piers Morgan
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Piers Morgan never shies away from shouting his mouth off. But in one epic Twitter thread, a self-described political analyst dissected Morgan’s claim that “No Deal is actually Brexit”.

Brexit means a ‘no deal’ Brexit, apparently…

A no deal Brexit would mean the UK leaves the EU without agreements in place determining our future relationship. And beyond the hard right of the Conservative Party, it is widely predicted to be a disastrous outcome.

It would mean the introduction of tariffs increasing the cost of both imports and exports compared to existing EU arrangements. And various other major issues would arise, ranging from the Irish border, transport, and medicine supplies, among others.

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has warned that no deal would plunge the UK into a recession. And the governments own analysis shows no deal would shrink the UK economy by 9.3% over 15 years.

According to a YouGov poll, however, 25% of Britons think it would be a “good outcome“.

Morgan gets taken to school

But the no deal dangers haven’t stopped Brexit supporter, Morgan, appearing to advocate it. He tweeted on 31 March:

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To support a no deal Brexit is one thing, but to suggest it’s what people voted for in 2016 is quite another. And soon enough Morgan’s comment was picked up and dismantled in a 38-tweet thread by an anti-Brexit Twitter user, ‘Steve Analyst’.

Analyst used evidence to support his argument such as referendum campaign leaflets, government documents and videos of Brexit campaigners before the referendum. He puts to the sword Morgan’s suggestion that the public was sold a no deal vision of Brexit. Analyst says that, on the contrary, no deal was claimed to be a ‘worst case scenario’ during the referendum.

The thread is included below in full:

The reaction: more evidence of leave campaign u-turns

Others contributed further to Analyst’s thread.

One user pointed out another claim made by the Vote Leave campaign that contradicted a no deal Brexit:

And other users provided similar evidence of Brexiteers radically changing their views on UK access to the European single market:

After all, many prominent Brexiteers who now claim leaving the EU means leaving the single market said the exact opposite previously:

Morgans unconvincing defence

Predictably Morgan doubled down. He claimed there was a difference between why people voted for Brexit and what Brexiteer politicians claimed during the campaign:

This is a fair point. But to dismiss the influence of Brexit campaigners on public opinion entirely is ridiculous.

Because on the one hand, Morgan claims it’s wrong to suggest leave voters were ‘stupid’ and didn’t know what they were voting for. And yet on the other, he’s claiming the very same inaccurate information people were given by politicians to inform their choice was irrelevant to making their choice.

Misinformation can’t be buried in an age of social media

This thread is another demonstration that in, an age of social media, politicians and public figures can no longer hide their misrepresentations or lies. And on decisions of such critical national importance, it is essential that these people are called out.

Featured image via YouTube – GMB.

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    1. Great clear and concise information about the process by Steve Analyst. However, what concerns me and seriously so is the extreme Brexiteers views as to leave. The campaign was, in the first instance, corrupt but in the second instance, based on fraudulent use of significant electoral funds and a serious misinformation campaign such as Steve Analyst shows here.

      Do any of these extreme Brexiteers fully understand the severe consequences to the UK of a No Deal Brexit. Why do they think May has now decided there has to be a deal when she previously had said “A No Deal is better than a Bad Deal”. Now, her Deal is a truly worthless deal and Parliament is right to vote it down. However, as Nick Coles the Tory MP who quit the Party making a loud and clear statement that it was his Party that was the one who was not willing to compromise whereas Labour clearly was, spoke the truth.

      It goes to show what liars, cheats and corrupt MPs the Tory Brexiteers are – Moggie, Bojo, Davies, Fox – they will say anything to get their way – and rely on a corrupt MSM who is today, nothing more than a propaganda Machine for the Tory Party no more no less, will perpetrate and exaggerate their views and by printing them, present them as fact.

      One thing I am clear about though is that 16 million voters voted to Remain so to suggest that the Leave vote ‘reflects the will of the people’ is utter rubbish – it does nothing of the sort.

      Can we have more from Steve Analyst?

    2. Steve the Analsyt has given us an amazing thread about what was said by whom,too.
      It shows Piers Morgan, and the Billionaire newspaper owners once given a social issue to run with are only capable of producing social rubbish in the end without any insight upon a new world we live in, and created by ourselves, and what to do about it.
      Now we really know what these people are having proved it with their actions meaning a no deal is Brexit.
      2 1/2 years of lies.
      Steve the Analyst is a somebody from our fresh world to admire, and respect for his speaking out

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