Diane Abbott offends the establishment again, this time by calling out a Tory MP’s racism

Diane Abbott at Downing St Black Lives Matter protest, July 2021
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MP Diane Abbott has once again come under fire in the mainstream media. Unsurprisingly, it has less to do with what she did than it does with the establishment media and politicians’ misogynoir, combined with their dislike for her politics.

Nothing worse than criticising a Tory

What’s worse than 41 people desperate for safe haven drowning in the sea before Western governments recognise the value of their lives? Criticising a Tory politician’s xenophobia, apparently. At least if the reactions of mainstream media, along with centrist and right-wing politicians, are anything to go by.

On 9 August, in response to the news that 41 refugees had drowned in the Mediterranean en route to Italian shores, Abbott said in a now-deleted tweet:

The migrants have indeed fucked off. To the bottom of the sea

Abbott was referring to Conservative MP Lee Anderson’s comments, made earlier in the same week, that asylum seekers complaining about being housed on the Bibby Stockholm barge should “fuck off back to France”.

But in a move that probably surprised no one who’s been paying attention, the establishment media jumped at the chance to depict Abbott in an unflattering light.

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Deliberately misplaced outrage

Marcus Daniel, former editor-in-chief at Media Diversified, said:

Many people saw right through the establishment narrative and highlighted the message behind Abbott’s tweet:

And suggestions that Abbott shouldn’t have deleted the tweet received considerable support:

Author Steve Howell noted:

Diane Abbott and misogynoir

Journalist Lorraine King called out the misogynoir – the combination of anti-Black racism and misogyny – faced by Black women in particular, which was evident throughout the entire debacle:

Obviously, this isn’t the first time Abbott has faced public outrage that is entirely disproportionate to her actions:

So recent events have been nothing if not predictable. It’s a crying shame that in a country where refugees are told to fuck off back to where they came from, Diane Abbott’s outrage is what made the headlines – and for all the wrong reasons.

The Labour Party has already suspended Abbott over antisemitism, despite the party’s general and persistent tolerance for racism and misogynoir. What more do these people want? Just let a Black woman express her compassion and anger in peace, I beg you.

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    1. Diane Abbott? Isn’t she the MP who sent her kids to a posh private school; refused to appear at the Stop the War Coalition’s rally in March 2022 after Starmer told her not to; and tweeted her declaration of support for Sir Keir? Not really anti-establishment, then.

    2. She is the MP who objected to Finnish Nurses working at her local hospital because she doesnt think blonde blue eyed Scandanavians should treat black people.And the Bibby Stockholm is a floating hotel ,more Premier Inn than the Ritz admittedly.

      1. Well, I suggest you go and live in the Bibby Stockholm and sample its Legionnaire’s -riddled water supply. More death trap than Premier Inn. But to you, people dying of a preventable disease is entirely appropriate when you’ve decided they don’t deserve life.

    3. Nobody has died in the Bibby Stockholm.Once they have sorted it out it will be fine.If I turned up uninvited on somebodys doorstep and they offered me free accomodstion with 3 meals a day,a gym,TV lounge,internet access and a bit of pocket money I would be grateful.The Bibby Stockholm has previously been used as accomadation for workers in the offshore oil industry,they didnt complain.I remember when people like you were whining about the use of Napier Barracks in Kent for so called refugees.I have stayed in those barracks and they were OK if a bit basic.I am obviously less picky than illegal immigrants.Has it never occured to you that if we have an open door policy to illegal immigration,which is presumably what you want,more people will be tempted to risk their lives on small boats and more will die?

      1. That’s whot people’s don’t realise people have lived there .while it’s ok for workers who lived on it for a month on its not good for other purposes it’s like the army bases around our country I was charged food and lodgings for the privilege of staying in these tin shacks but hay ho not good enough for general public to stay rent free hmm yet these toerags in power has the peasants fighting amongst themselves while they robbed us blind. Untill we band together then we have no chance jeff3

      2. “people like you” meaning those who give a damn about migrating people who are impoverished? I’m quite happy to be one of those people. That you aren’t is a problem for you to address. Has it never occurred to you to ask why so many people are fleeing their countries of origin, or the central role that the UK plays in creating violence, chaos and poverty there?

        1. You think its racist to offer illegal immigrants free accomodation ,3 meals a day,a gym,TV lounge and pocket money.I dont.People want to come to the UK because its a good place to live.The vast majority of illegal immigrants are young men who pay people smugglers thousands to try and get into Europe.Their home countries are I admit horrible places but it is a fantasy to blame the UK for the corruption ,violence and incompetence of their homelands.You should decolonise your mindset.Offer an alternative to current policy rather than pathetic virtue signalling might be an idea as well.

    4. It seems the latest EDLer troll has chosen an Asian-sounding name, in the vague hope that their bone-deep racism and overt sociopathy will then be buried under ‘intersectionality’ – can’t hide that stench of gammon though M8. Pack your bags up, and “fuck off” to Ukraine, the Russians have a welcome prepared.

      Does that sound too dangerous for thee? And yet here we have ultra brave folk crossing entire CONTINENTS on foot with just the clothes on their back, to peacefully find work, and you are calling them inferior.

      Projection much?

      The Ukraine war has a very odd and unique characteristic – despite the direct involvement of Western regimes, we WON’T be seeing millions of the ‘other side’ turned into refugees!

      Isn’t it funny that the UK Fascist and Racist Regime DIDN’T force the Ukie refugees into such conditions, and yet the gammon corporate media saw no problems with this. We had no gammons attacking Ukie refugees as they arrrived, and the press hasn’t ran scare stories blaming Ukrainians for the loss of council homes, and “How much they are costing us”.

      It could almost make a deeply cynical chap think the entire affair is a very-conscious PSYOP, from the top, to the bottom of the sea.

      Dianne Abbott is a treasure to this country, and 80% of true Labour voters think that it should be STARVER expelled from the PLP rather than this hard-working campaigner and MP – I’m probably exaggerating the Kid Starver’s support here. And indeed, the rest of his sociopathic and corporate-corrupted clique.

      The most illuminating aspect of this entire sordid affair, is that EVERYONE understands the code here. Just like with Corbynista “A-S”, everyone who is NOT a total dunce understands that the “A-S” ACCUSERS were the racists, – anti-Palestinians if nothing else – and those accused would have walked over glass before being ACTUALLY racist.

      Likewise, everyone (Who isn’t a total dunce), understands COMPLETELY that those assaulting Diane for “Heartless racism towards refugees” know 100% that the truth of the situation is the 180o reversal of this claim.

      Thing is, the PWB CAN lie, without obvious consequence… at first. As the Establishment’s lies pile up though, the Public lose trust in them. Needless to say, lying sociopaths thrive in such environments.

      Eventually however, that community – no matter HOW large, see the USSR – will collapse. Trust is essential for a community, whether your friends, your groups, the local area, or the Nation.

      We can already see the trust within the UK reaching catastrophically low levels.

      And we can see it in the meanness in people’s faces & words – especially on the meedja.

    5. Dear Gnu,you know nothing about me except that I think floating hotels are a perfectly acceptable form of accomodation for single young men.I notice you are not able to refute a single point I make so just indulge yourself in a stream of abuse instead.Sredni Vashtar incidentally is the name of a character in a short story by a chap called Hector Munro better known by his pen name of Saki.I am assuming that you are not actually a Wildebeest by the way.Anyway you have learnt something now ,cheerio and keep taking the medication

      1. Actually, you’ve posted quite a bit, and your hard/far-right intentions are pretty obvious by now. Take just your posts here: You don’t give a shit about refugees in the slightest, and you loathe Diane Abbott. The rest of your earlier posts are much of a muchness in that regard.

        It’s always funny when obvious racists deny their racism, if they can’t even admit it then that must cause an enormous internal psychological conflict.

        Throwing in some projection, and you most likely either take, or should take, “some medication”. Although mentioning a “book” is a new direction for EDL trolls, time will tell if this is to be a trend of far-right trolls (Like misusing BAME names itself), or whether you are really one of Modi’s Mindless Fash Minions.

        20,000-1 you supported Brexshit. And NOT for the same reasons as Corbyn.

    6. Oh dear Gnu,you should stick to roaming the plains of the serengeti .I am not a racist and you are unable to quote a single thing I have said that is racist.I do not loathe Dianne Abbott but she does keep saying racist things,such as the stuff about Finnish nurses ,saying that Jews have never experienced racism,merely predjudice ,which wouldnt have been much consolation whilst waiting to be gassed at Auschwitz.She also justified the hypocrisy of sending her son to a private school whilst voting to abolish such schools by saying black mothers will”go to the wall for their children”.Which of course they would,just like mothers of any colour.Talking about projections,calling Ukrainians Ukes and referring to the stench of gammon suggests to me that you have one or two predjudices of your own.The joke about taking the medication I apologise for but if you keep posting abusive,unhinged rants what do you expect?I also apologise for referring to a witty,urbane and intelligent writer like Saki,which must be very annoying to an ill educated,bad tempered semi literate oaf like yourself.

      1. Well, every single supposedly “conservative” troll, such as yourself, here on the Canary comment pages has turned out to be a Fascist. They give themselves away sooner or later.

        Now, a 100% unbroken run is something to be relied upon.

        After all, why would a ‘normal’ conservative-minded person venture not only to READING socialist articles, but bother to enrol and comment? It is obviously only to annoy, or “TROLL”, in modern lexicon.

        Do you imagine anyone CARES what YOU think of Diane Abbott? Of course you don’t, or you are very far gone.

        Ergo, you are quite specifically wasting your precious lifetime to read articles and a webpage you don’t agree with, in order to comment just to annoy those who do. This hardly reflects well upon your mental stability, does it?

        And I note your admission through evasion that this is indeed a nom-de-plume intended to give an impression of “Ethnicness”, and thereby supposed coverage over your racism, when your style of writing is very Anglo-Gammon.

        If, admittedly, slightly more intellectual than the average shaven-headed thug with a swastica.

        To be fair, that would also include a hedgehog running over a keyboard, so don’t let it go to your head.

        As you were.

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