The BBC asked for feedback on why its failing. It was such a car crash it had to turn the comments off.

BBC Radio 4 people laughing
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According to BBC Feedback, Radio 4’s audience is shrinking. If you’re a regular reader of the Canary, you know why we don’t care for the national broadcaster, but what did the wider British public have to say?

Let’s wade through the now-turned-off comment section to find out:


Twitter recently changed its name to ‘X’, and if you’re wondering what the ‘X’ stands for, a perusal of the site suggests the answer is ‘transphobia’. This was obvious in the replies to the BBC tweet:

Read on...

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One X user says "the BBC pandering to woke". Another replies "Can you give any specific examples of R4's wokeness". The first says "getting men pretending to be women on"

Going off Barry’s other content, what he means here is transgender people as opposed to David Walliams or Matt Lucas. The BBC isn’t prioritising trans guests, of course, and when they do have them on, it’s to justify their existence in response to whichever celebrity has gone after them now. Imagine if every time a football player or actor was on the BBC the segment was titled:

Should cis men be allowed to use public bathrooms?

Comments below this one had more sensible things to say, but Twitter prioritises the hate-laced screeds of people with £8 a month to spend on a little blue check – i.e. you always have to read the worst comments first. Another member of the Blue-Check Brigade had this to say:

An X user commenting "the news has a left-wing slant. And so do the panellists on once-excellent comedy shows"

To be fair, this is true if you don’t understand what the phrase ‘left wing’ entails. If you think it means supporting the right-wing capitalist system we live in but not openly calling for the genocide of minority groups, then yes, the BBC is very left-wing. If you understand it means backing a system of societal organisation in which conditions are as equal as possible for all within it, then of course you don’t fucking think that.

People with more brain cells than blue check marks had smarter things to say on the matter:

The BBC – and the British media at large – has been losing trust for as long as it’s been untrustworthy. Accordingly, not every listener they’ve lost was lost as of late:

An X user commenting "I stopped listening when you and the Blair government sent Dr David Kelly to an early grace with your propaganda and lies about weapons of mass destruction"

A dipshit writes…

Talking of people with more blue check marks than brain cells:

David Atherton commenting "with programmes like "astrology based black queer dating podcast" there is nothing on the BBC worth tuning in for. I pay £150 licence fee and the last week I watched an hour of Antiques roadshow and caught up on your website to watch the Lionesses, probably 15 minutes. That was it. I feel Talk TV's presenters... are far more entertaining and compatible with my tastes"

Here’s a selection of programming from today’s Radio 4 schedule as an example:

BBC Radio 4 schedule

BBC Radio 4 schedule

BBC Radio 4 schedule

If anything, it’s surprising just how capital-T ‘Traditional’ this schedule is. Given that BBC Radio 4 is clearly still targeting a middle-class, middle-England audience, Atherton’s issue is obviously that Black and LGBTQ+ people get any representation at all. There is no ‘Gay Black Astrology’ podcast on the BBC, but if there was, would it be more annoying than any other podcast?

Some British people are Black; some are LGBTQ+, and the ‘British’ in ‘British Broadcasting Corporation’ suggests it should speak to all of us in some fashion. Atherton clearly thinks that first ‘B’ stands for ‘Bowl-Cut’, and that the channel should speak exclusively to him:

BB-C you later

It’s unclear if BBC Feedback always planned on turning the comments off at 4pm, or if it all just got too much. Either way, we know one thing for certain: whether it’s comment sections or its general listenership, the BBC are now experts at turning people off.

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    1. 10 years ago I watched several BBC programmes religiously, and blogged on the Newsnight public blog.

      Last month I finally cancelled the license, after realising the last programme I’d watched was Elizabeth’s funeral, and that was the first in well over a year.

      It just got too Woke!

      …If “Woke” is defined as “The mentality of blue-ticked ultra-privileged Tory twats”, which apparently it isn’t. <_<

      It became too Murdoch. The sociopathy, and outright lies, became too much to stomach.

      Needless to say, 'they' will do the same to the NHS.

    2. The Canary could only dream about getting the audience numbers that BBC radio 4 gets.That isnt because of any capitalist right wing conspiracy but because it is tripe whose idea of journalism is screen shots from twitter.I read it out of sense of morbid curiousity to see what cobblers it comes up with next.

    3. The BBC are not to be trusted. They have tory mouthpieces on their board. The absolutely hate Scotland. Glad to be reading that the BBC licence figures has gone down. Well done Scotland. Ps. Think the Canary is a great indy media never mind the pleb comment above.

    4. The BBC is not to be trusted. They have tory mouthpieces on their board. They absolutely hate Scotland. Glad to be reading that the BBC licence figures has gone down. Well done Scotland. Ps. Think the Canary is a great indy media never mind the pleb comment above.

    5. Seriously?.Cops,Coppers the Bill,Old Bill,the Filth,Peelers(only in Northern Ireland)Feds,Ive heard lots of nicknames for the boys in blue but never plebs which is a term of mockery or gentle abuse for people whom you consider to be of lower social status than yourself.But then unlike the writers and most of the readers of the canary I am not a toy town revolutionary
      .Tell me are you a member of the Tooting Popular front?.

      1. A fine TV show, and one at least funny, which is more than can be said for any of the current Tory produced rubbish.

        If your wits are addling with age, search for “Andrew Mitchell and plebgate” for a refresher.

        Which, as I recall, was a blue-on-blue political attack, likely originating from Chancellor Osbo, to remove a political rival through his police-freemasonry links.

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