Julian Assange arrested by the Met police after Ecuador withdraws his asylum

Julian Assange
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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been arrested by the Metropolitan Police Service. Assange had been living at the Ecuadorian embassy for seven years as an asylum seeker. A press release issued by the Met said he was arrested after the Ecuadorian government withdrew this asylum.

According to the Met, the arrest was made on a warrant issued on 29 June 2012. It claims Assange was arrested for failure to surrender to the court.

Assange is now in custody at a central London police station. He will stay there until a hearing at Westminster Magistrates’ Court. According to the Met, this will take place “as soon as is possible”.

WikiLeaks confirmed the arrest on Twitter:

It also claimed that British police were invited into the embassy:

Video clips emerged showing Assange as he was taken from the embassy:

More updates on this story to follow.

Featured image via Cancillería del Ecuador/Flickr

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    1. So, One of the signs that Putin’s a dictator is that he has journalists arrested on trumped up charges.

      Just kind of pissed the moral high ground away from under your feet on that one eh Treeza?

      1. If only Treeza The Terrible gave a damn about pissing away anything, even her own reputation is of no real concern to her, and our country certainly isn’t.

        She, like so many other corrupt leaders, are only interested in their personal financial retirement fortunes they’ve amassed, nothing else is of importance to them, not even the risk they are putting on their own lives. They obviously think that they are immune to public rage as they keep jamming the knife in and out of our collective national body, even when members of the same profession are publicly murdered, they would rather focus on creating more lies, than make the simple connection that they caused it, and they need to stop, or potentially end up like The Romanovs or Antoinettes.

        I don’t think Vladimir Putin is a saint, I do however think he is by far the most erudite, level-headed, sensible, and genuinely caring Leader of our Times, maybe of all time. Dictator? maybe just a little, but not in the same corrupt league as the Blairs, Bushes, Clintons, Camerons, Mays and others (there are just so many, too many).

        I say this in all seriousness, even knowing that Russia has jailed thousands of Jehovah’s Witnesses under his rule for no other reason than to appease The Russian Orthodox Church, even if they are ridiculously portrayed as a terrorist organization (that’s as bad as Russia being blamed for the Skripal affair and election meddling). The difference is that I think Vladimir Putin is more likely to see sense or be open to a good reasoned argument, than any of The West’s current rabble of corporate and political criminals.

    2. This is an utter disgrace, it just proves the UK is nothing other than a puppet for the US. Julian Assange has done nothing other than skip bail for a non existent trumped up charge and more importantly published the truth. Nominated for countless Nobel peace prizes he deserves much much more from a country that supposedly lives and breathes democracy and freedom. I’m disgusted by this Government and the right wing scum that run it.

    3. I couldn’t agree more, this debacle has left me numb with anger, and if there is any semblance of justice left in this country, then there needs to be multiple high-level arrests of those (traitors) who for the last 30+ years have done nothing but drive this nation towards an ever-darkening future, forcing us into completely unjustifiable wars, and destroying our hard-won freedoms on the pretext of National Security, when it is they who have wilfully, and meticulously planned for exactly this disastrous outcome (whilst all the time breaking laws with impunity).

    4. If a Traitor is a person who plans and enacts things harmful to the Nation, or Ruler (High Treason), then how come the acts of politicians like Theresa May, David Cameron, Tony Blair, etc., etc., are not considered Treason or High Treason in a Democracy? Why has Theresa May not already been arrested for her election fraud? Why are these twisted infants continually allowed to keep on publicly destroying our Nations and our Democracies?

      Why are the Police so happy to waste public money on ignoring their public duty? Why have our respective Militaries been so happy to spend billions murdering innocent civilians, trampling on International Law, and generally causing utter destruction and mayhem around The World, but are literally too gutless to take on their own corrupted Governments to protect their Families, Lovers and Friends from the corporate and political criminals destroying our World?

      The answer is simple but wholly unpalatable….because we let them get away with it ….because we are frightened for our own lives and jobs, and they know it.

      They are as certain of their security as we are of our insecurity, which enables them to brazenly break whatever law suits them, whilst we must continue to accept even more laws being applied to us but not them.

      The most disturbing and enraging thing I saw today was Julian Assange being dragged out of the highly stinky Equadorian Embassy by SMILING Police officers, who were so happy it seems they could barely contain their back-patting illegal smugness.

      Today The Metropolitan Police and The Judiciary have clearly proven they have no respect for law, justice or the people they are supposed to serve.

      Long Live The Living Martyrs of Truth, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and Chelsea Manning, and all those who with integrity and care for their fellow Man, reveal the truth about the illegal behaviour of our respective corrupt leaders.

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