Twitter had the perfect response to the right’s latest attempt to badmouth socialism

Donald Trump Jr
John Shafthauer

Elements of the right wing have tried to use Halloween to discredit socialism. Bashing socialism is something they often feel a need to do. But by dragging Halloween into it, they’ve shown that, like your common zombie, what they really need is brains.

The memester mash

A few prominent right-wing figures posted variations on the same meme. These people included the editor-at-large of Infowars – a site that previously claimed the Sandy Hook massacre was staged:

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This is a new take on a right-wing classic:

It makes even less sense when applied to trick or treating, though – an activity that involves three things capitalists hate:

  1. Generosity.
  2. Community.
  3. The redistribution of wealth (in this instance, sweets).


Donald Trump Jr. tweeted something very similar a day afterwards. This was unsurprising, because if there’s one thing Trump Jr. is known for, it’s following on from someone else while offering nothing original of his own:

He did provide others with the opportunity to say something fresh, though:


Halloween is traditionally the time of year when unspeakable ghouls wander the land, spreading terror and mischief. In 2017, however, unspeakable ghouls are an everyday occurrence; which is why their ridiculous comments need to be staked at every available opportunity.

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